Do You Know The 99% Skin Secret?

mySkin conducted an exhaustive market study on the tens of thousands of users on its website to identify the issues that perplex the 99% of users. First the 1% were kind of easy to identify – they had no skin! They were the everyday robots who didn’t spare a minute to look at themselves, or care to groom. That was easy class warfare!

So we found that the top 2 questions that face the 99% were,

1. What should I use for my skin?

2. How effective is what I am using?

There were a smattering of other questions such as : I like xxx (an expensive moisturizer) , but what is similar and at a lower cost? , I have a particular medical concern, can you please help me, and of course, the perennial – this product is not helping me lose weight!

So lets cut through the clutter and focus on the first two – what works. The recommendations on mySkin use heuristic algorithms to identify those products. When you build a profile and add products and experiences that you use, the recommendations that are generated are based on your skin type. The skin assessment takes into account your skin tone, sensitivity, age, etc. collaboratively filters experiences of those who are just like you , and then applies your preferences and needs to use science to identify products that work.

As two users from NYC (45 yrs.) and LA (30 yrs.) asked : That is all fine and dandy , but does it work? Hmm .. they did compare and see different recommendations for themselves, so we shipped them some products, and they tried them on. We received almost identical quotes : “I have been using the recommended products for 3 weeks now, and I cant stop getting compliments on how my skin is glowing and that I am looking younger (by an average of 5 years).

Proof is in the pudding. Go great skin for the 99%. We work together to help each other – happy glowing, younger skin 2013!


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