Do You Know This DIY Skin Angel?

papaya1Papayas! Starting with a super beta-carotene kick, this ‘angel fruit’ is choc-a-bloc with phytochemicals and enzymes, alpha and beta hydroxy acids, Vitamin A and C, and Potassium. This fruit helps in healing dry flaky skin, boosts collagen production and even moisturizes your skin.The papaya’s secret ingredient papain, is an enzyme with anti-inflammatory properties that lightens the skin, fades blemishes and scars. It’s a gentle exfoliator as it dissolves inactive protein and dead cells on the top layer of your  skin.

Call it papaya, pawpaw, papaw, papita or pepe- this fruit is your skin angel.

Here are 4 great DIY’s with papayas for your normal/ oily/ dry or combination skin.

The “honey-lemon papaya” (For normal skin)

Ingredients: 4-5 chunks of ripe papaya, 1 spoon of honey, ½ spoon of fresh lemon juice

Directions: Mash the papaya into a puree in a small bowl. Add honey and lemon juice and mix well. Apply and wash after 15 minutes.

Benefits: This mask works wonders as an anti-acne, skin lightening mask that will even out the skin tone, reduce occurrence of acne and hydrates the skin.


Papayas ‘n’ cream (For dry skin)

Ingredients: 4-5 chunks of ripe papaya, 1 teaspoon of fresh cream and 1 teaspoon of milk

Directions: Blend all the ingredients into a thick paste. Apply and wash off after 15 minutes.

Benefits: The milk and cream makes the skin soft and supple while the papaya works its anti-aging, skin lightening magic!


Earthy Papaya Love (For oily skin)

Ingredients: 8-10 chunks of papaya, 3 tablespoons of clay or Fuller’s Earth and orange juice

Directions: Mash the papaya and mix all the other ingredients to make a paste. Apply and leave it on till it dries completely. Wash off with cold water.

Benefits: The clay (or Fuller’s Earth) absorbs the excess oil from the skin, the orange juice works as a natural astringent and the papaya fades the blemishes and acne scars.


‘Papa-nana’ smoothie (For combination skin)

Ingredients: 5-6 chunks of papaya, ½ a banana and 1 spoon of full cream yogurt

Directions: Blend all the ingredients into a smoothie and apply all over the face and neck. Rinse with tepid water.

Benefits: Bananas and yogurt are great for combination skin. They have soothing properties that suit both the dry and the oily areas of the skin. Add papayas and you get a great exfoliating, anti-aging mask.

Doesn’t this ‘angel fruit’ come with a burst of skin-healthy surprises, Ladies 🙂  Take your DIY pick in keeping with your skin type and enjoy healthy skin (Y)


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