Do You Layer Your Skincare Products?


To me, skin care was a simple three step process – cleansing, toning and moisturizing. You go through this process and your skin will be sorted for life. But suddenly the beauty industry exploded with new skincare regimens, routines and products. The new buzzword to hit town is  ‘layering’. Layering is everywhere – you had layers in the hair and you layered your clothes. But how much of layering is good on the skin?

A number of skin care professionals believe that ideally we should not layer beyond two or more products, especially prescription based ones. When many are used together it typically disturbs the pH balance of the skin and also prevents better absorption of the products. Using two or more products together; especially ones with active ingredients indiscriminately, might cause one to react with the other and lead to side effects such as skin redness, peeling, flaking and irritation.

Today, skin care has become a five step process. Cleansing and toning are followed by a treatment serum, moisturizer and sun protectant. Add to that you now have a night time repair cream, an under eye gel and a retinoid product to keep you wrinkle free.

To make the most out of all these products it’s a good idea to head to your cosmetologist. You can get best informed about your skin type and the kind of care your skin needs. You also need to get informed on which skin care product might react with another. You will end up layering your skin with multiple products, but now your decision will be an informed one.

To be a better decision maker with what products work best for your skin, you could visit mySkin.  When you answer a series of questions about your skin and your lifestyle,’s proprietary technology returns a highly customized combination of products at various price points that are right for you. You can easily purchase these products, or save the recommendations, along with any purchases, on your Virtual Shelf. The ‘Just Like Me’ approach on the site offers product recommendations for you based on what worked for people with skin profiles similar to yours.

Having good skin essentially rests on having a healthy skin. What you put into your system via your food diet totally reflects your skin’s behavior. Having a balanced and healthy diet along with a moderate amount of exercise is essential for your skin’s health. Using the ‘correct’ skincare products for your skin is also important.

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