Do You Really Know Your Spa?


What’s your SPA-RO-SCOPE? Confused!

What we mean to ask is, “Do you know which spa to choose, and which type of spa suits your needs best?

With so many spa options to choose from, you end up choosing a spa that leaves you short-changed in more than one way. Here mySkin elucidates the different kinds of spas you can head to when you need that luxurious rub down, a pampering facial or a cool place to lose your self in:

Day Spas- The Day Spa offers an extensive range of spa treatments on day-use basis. These are often accompanied by salon services. Day spas are best for those who want to spend only a day or a few hours at the spa. The spa treatments are often accompanied by a jacuzzi, sauna/steam bath or a swimming pool.

Destination Spas- Destination Spas are mostly 2-7 night programs that encourage healthy holiday packages. Such spas include spa treatments accompanied by fitness exercises, wellness lectures, healing programs, doctors or therapists who guide you to your desired results (detoxification, stress release, weight loss, etc.). Such spas offer accommodation, healthy spa cuisine and relaxation that are tailor-made for your healthy vacation.

Detox Spas- Detox Spas aim detoxifying your complete system while increasing energy and calming the mind. Limiting the consumption of alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, refined foods, etc. along with dietary changes, detox spas can include metabolic detoxification spa therapies like colon hydrotherapy or lymphatic drainage massages. They promote yoga and meditation as well. Detox spas are not about following the regime for short period, but aim at changing your basic lifestyle to make healthier choices.

Medi-Spas- Medical spas are a fusion of traditional spas and a medical clinic. They have a full-time licensed doctor who conducts a health consultation before you enroll. Medi-spas offer medical treatments like physiotherapy, osteopathy, nutritional counseling, aesthetic enhancements (microdermabrasions, laser treatments, botox, etc.) in a spa-like environment with regular spa therapies like massages and relaxation.

Resort Spas- Located within the premises of a resort or a hotel, resort spas offer professionally administered spa services. They are often accompanied with other entertainment facilities offered by the resort/hotel. Resort spas are a great way to pamper yourself, while on vacation, with top-class accommodation and cuisine.

Health Spa- A health spa is a day-use, day spa incorporated in a fitness/health club. The main goal of such a spa is relaxation along with fitness.

Mini Spa- Mini spas are the latest trend in the spa-circuit. They offer lunch time facials, fillers and short massages. Such spas are found in malls, at the airport or at a club and offer “spa-on-the-go” services.

Before you indulge, know what you want out of your spa and gather information. Discuss your needs, the procedure of the spa treatment and results with a spa therapist to make the right decision.

Enjoy your spa—> Enjoy your self—->Be calm and happy 🙂


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