Do You Take Your Skin Seriously? National Healthy Skin Month Special

Do you take your skin seriously? Do you listen to your mole? Do you consult a dermatologist regularly? Do you battle with acne and blemishes? Do you know what works for your skin? These are hard hitting questions which many of you shy away from!

mySkin has the answers for you.

We take your skin seriously. We listen to your moles and want you to have a pleasant experience dealing with acne and blemishes. We want you to be aware of your skin health quotient and we help you in deciding on what skincare products will work for your skin. For NAtional Helathy Skin Month, we rededicate our efforts, our innovations, our ideas and our sweat and grime to provide you with personalized skincare solutions.



ScanZ is YOUR pocket skin expert. Introducing the first, on-the-go, iPhone connected acne scanner.Scan and track acne progress. Be in charge of what is going on under your skin,whether you are at home or on-the-go. ScanZ is your personal solution made of patented imaging technology.


skinscan windows

skinScan analyzes your moles and keeps track of your skin health. Take a picture of your mole with your Windows phone, answer a few questions, and our skin assessment technology developed by world renowned skin scientists will tell you if your mole is a high risk lesion or nothing to worry about. Our advanced automated algorithms are based on International Dermoscopy standards and vetted by our medical team through clinical tests. You can via the app. connect with a dermatologist for an expert opinion.



The dermograph™ is the first ever transdermal skin consultation system that helps you know your current skin health. Using advanced science in a simple design, the dermograph™ helps you understand your skin and helps you find products that work for you.



A refreshing new way to find effective skincare products that work for you.

You care about your skin. Why wouldn’t you? It’s your largest organ. But how much time can you realistically devote to researching and evaluating products? Don’t you wish you could just open your cabinet and — Voila! — have the perfect products magically appear? Products that are effective, safe for your skin, and worth every penny. Our mission is to bring clarity to the world of skincare, and give you the confidence to make better decisions. In today’s over saturated beauty market of more than 70,000 cleansers, creams, lotions, serums…dare we go on?.. There’s a constant parade of promises and conflicting claims. How do you know what works best for you? Whose advice do you trust?

Enter mySkin.

mySkin for iPhone

mySkin app

mySkin for iPhone app. gives you beauty advice on the go! Personalized, scientific, unbiased advice on skincare products that work best for you backed by real people’s experiences.

Be happy in your own skin. Know what works for it!

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