Does A Healthy Relationship Give You Glowing Skin?


Ever wondered why healthy relationships are called “healthy”? I realized that every time I was in a good and healthy relationship I looked better, my skin glowed and the compliments came pouring in. As I delved deeper I figured out that with each happy relationship I could feel my heat ping pong, the blood surged through my veins and there was a permanent smile pasted on my face… Move over blusher, I got it natural!

In a recent survey conducted by Facebook gauging by status updates, it was noticed that people who were in steady and healthy relationships seemed a lot happier than the others who were not. In an age when we are so dedicated to social networking such a study can hardly be ignored.

But then again, how does being in a healthy relationship make my skin good?

Research shows that happiness and skin health are directly proportional. You stay stressed and unhappy and the stress hormone, cortisol, gets released into your system causing you to break out. Stress and unhappiness in relationships can also affect what you eat. I noticed that being in unhappy relationships caused people to either eat a lot of junk or not eat at all. Both of which are skin sins, right?  At the same time stress keeps the vital nutrients from being absorbed into your system and leads to break outs and lack luster skin.

The logic behind healthy relationships and great skin is surprisingly simple. Since relationships make you happy they promote a general sense of well being. The inner peace that one finds when in a stress free relationship, whether it is just the beginning of a relationship, a good marriage or a live – in,  the chance to absorb happiness seems higher. Along with the emotional balance that a relationship gives you one cannot ignore the importance of sex. Sex has a live wire connection with your skin health as a good romp session relieves stress and depression helping your skin glow. The hormone endorphin released in the body during sex helps you get that natural skin glow.

Making your relationship work gets a new dimension now, doesn’t it?

  • Chris White

    There is a lot to say about healthy skin and lifestyle. My skin lacks melanocyte stimulating hormone and therefore I am perpetually pasty and pale. Now in a relationship and a little bit of synthetic Melanotan peptide my tone is better than ever! So happy!