Does A Vegetarian Diet Give You Acne Free Skin?


A healthy diet ensures healthy skin. We have been following this diktat for the longest time known. Many a times we wonder- Will going on a meat free diet help me in getting clearer skin? Will going vegetarian give me freedom from acne?  Can going green with my diet really help me?

Meat v/s veggies: There is no conclusive evidence to support that giving up meat will relieve you of acne. However studies show that certain meat products such as deli, organ and red meat do affect skin health. A diet that is high in these meats does not provide the skin the amount of good nutrition it needs. Organ meat and red meat are high in saturated fats that limit optimal blood flow to the skin. Your arteries get clogged leading to a higher risk of cardio vascular diseases, increase in skin inflammation which ultimately aggravates acne. Excessive animal protein such as leucin, an amino acid found in meats, adversely affects acne. Deli meats are very high in sodium and hence not conducive for acne prone skin. High sodium levels in food increases skin inflammation which triggers acne. A high protein meat diet also impairs our digestive system which can aggravate acne.

To eat or not to eat: Opting for a completely vegetarian diet can be a challenge if you have been a meat eater all your life. But if you limit your meat intake to an ounce a day, you will automatically begin to enjoy the benefits that a green diet brings. Veggies are much higher in their water content than cooked meats. This helps in keeping the skin healthy and keeping acne under control. Vitamin C found in fruits and vegetables help in collagen metabolism and reduce skin inflammation which leads to acne free skin. Beta carotene found in dark leafy vegetables also help in reducing and controlling skin inflammation which helps in beating acne.

Have You Decided to go green? While you are on a vegetarian diet, you need to remember this:

  • Fulfill you daily nutritional needs.
  • Don’t go overboard on nuts and seeds. Overload of nuts and seeds can actually increase acne since these are high in oils.
  • Limit your intake of nut butters.
  • Limit sugar and dairy intake since in conjunction, these two can aggravate acne.
  • Too much of almond and soy milk can be detrimental to skin plagued with acne.

Eating smart is the only way to healthy, acne free skin. Balance is key, even when you are opting for a completely vegetarian diet. Read up, do your homework and then get ready to make your diet shift for acne free skin.

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