Does Baby Skincare Differ From An Adult’s?


Soft cuddles for my new-born niece:)  She’s so delicate and her skin feels like porcelain. Its fragile, soft and sensitive. Without doubt, her skin requires specialized care than one would do with adult skin.

Baby Vs Adult Skin: Below are few basic differences between baby and adult skin-

  • At birth, a baby’s skin is particularly sensitive as it has not developed all the functionalities of adult skin. The skin, the largest organ, at this stage in development will take 2-3 years before taking on all of its intended qualities. All babies experience a big change in their skin characteristics a short time after birth, the most appropriate skin care for babies would be one that takes greater account of the number of months since birth, rather than any individual skin differences.
  • Its pH is close to neutral and then changes to become more like the pH of adult skin.  This difference is what makes the skin more sensitive and prone to infection and irritation.
  • The hydrolipid film (skin surface made up of water and fat) is higher than adults –this distinction in the chemical content between infant and adult film and the difference between the skin lipid production dictates which skincare products and regime to use.
  • The stratum corneum (the outermost layer of the epidermis consisting of dead cells that can be taken off) is more fragile in babies.
  • The dermis (middle layer of the skin which is made up of blood and lymph vessels, hair follicles, sweat glands and fibroblasts) is three times finer than in adults.
  • In relation to weight the skin is proportionally three times larger than in adults. Accordingly, a product that passes through the skin will be three times more concentrated in a baby’s body than in an adult which increases the risk of toxicity.  It’s imperative to use skincare products that are non-irritant and hypoallergenic.
  • A baby’s skin can be sensitive. Avoiding harsh products can help keep your baby’s skin smooth, soft and healthy.

Skincare Tips for Babies: Here are a few simple skincare tips which go a long way for your baby’s skin to be healthy, soft and supple-

    • For the first six months do not use skin care products. Look into organic baby skin treatments such as products that contain olive oil and shea butter afterwards.
      • Gradually increase your baby’s toilette after the first six months.
        • To further protect your baby’s skin you’ll want to protect baby from sun’s exposure. Always use sunscreen.
          • Wash baby’s clothing before it is worn and use baby laundry detergents that are fragrance and dye free.
            • Do not bathe your baby too frequently as this will strip the skin off its natural oils. This can leave the skin open to possible allergen reactions such as eczema.
              • Shampoo your baby’s hair using a gently hypoallergenic shampoo.
                • Dress your baby in fine, soft cotton clothing.

                  How do you keep your baby’s skin soft and supple? Write in.

                  • natural baby skincare

                    Thanks for the great tips in taking care of a baby. I’ve seen my mum applying a baby lotion to my baby sister to keep her skin hydrated.

                  • mySkin

                    Thanks! Keep visiting for more articles on skincare and beauty:)

                  • Susie Marks

                    Brilliantly explained, a baby’s skin is so much more sensitive! I’ve found Salcura provides a great natural option suitable for the very young, they also supply hydrators’s all fine for sensitive skin..

                  • mySkin Inc.

                    Thanks, Susie! Are these products available in the US?