Does Candy Give You A Break Out?

acne3Acne giving you trouble? Your sweet tooth could be the root of your agony! So while sugar and spice make everything nice, what they are not nice for is your skin. Here is what you need to know before you grab your packet of candy at the supermarket.

Cause of acne- Research indicates that one of the primary causes of acne is hormonal imbalance and inflammation. Hormonal imbalance causes the sweat glands to work in overdrive causing excess sebum production. This leads to excessively oily skin, blocked pores and acne. Inflammation aggravates pimples and break outs.

Sugar and acne- While sugar might not be a direct cause for acne, acne prone skin is definitely more sensitive to sugar. Sugar is pro- inflammatory and causes a spike in insulin levels which then results in break outs.

A high sugar diet causes the glucose levels to rise in your system. How does this work? All carbohydrates that we consume are converted into glucose in our system. Sweets rich in sugar such as candies and chocolates mean higher glucose level which in turn get the pancreas revved up to produce more insulin. Insulin then works to move the glucose from our blood to the liver cells where it is used as an energy reserve. However, glucose produced from refined carbohydrates such as sugar make insulin levels stay higher for longer which leads to skin inflammation and acne. A study published by American Journal of Clinical Nutrition saw that people with a low glycemic index saw lesser break outs and acne.

Controlling your sweet tooth is a definite step towards improving your acne condition. Don’t despair at the thought of giving up sweets completely. Dark chocolate in moderation will not aggravate your acne. However, along with cutting out sugar you need to make other dietary changes as well to alleviate your skin condition. Limit your sugar intake, move away from refined carbohydrates and eat fresh. Your skin condition will definitely improve when you take a more holistic approach to it.

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