Don’t Get Beauty Stressed! Take It in Your Stride


Is your skin trying to tell you something? Though you religiously wash and exfoliate every day, your skin is getting drier and more acne prone. Moreover, that zit turned up even though you just had your facial spa yesterday! While we all know that taking care of your skin and pampering it is good, overdoing your regimen is not.

When you fret too much about that SPF content, or worry about not having your oil free facial wipes in your bag, you are actually stressing yourself out! The skin being the largest organ of your body starts showing the signs of stress, most often, bang on the spot you try so hard to keep “picture perfect” – your face!

What’s overdoing it? You are so sure that you are doing just the right thing for your skin. Are you? Here are some signs that say you are overdoing it –

  • You exfoliate daily-Your skin needs exfoliation only once or twice a week. Most exfoliating washes or scrubs have micro-granules in them. Over-using can actually scratch your skin, spread the acne-causing bacteria, and dry-out your skin.
  • You wash your face every time you get back home-Your face loses its essential oils every time you wash-up. Therefore, while it’s great to be careful about getting the grime and dirt off, remember, your over zealous face washing isn’t a great habit.
  • You use a hoard of products for good skin-The latest anti-wrinkle, the newest fairness cream and even that ‘just-released-in-the-market moisturizer, are all proudly sitting on your shelf! In all fairness (pun intended), trying out every product available is bad for you- trial and error and getting the latest on your cabinet doesn’t work!
  • You can do anything for skin-All you got on your mind is – skincare! Every breathing moment, you think about what you can do to get that perfect skin. So try new kicks, old tricks, natural stuff, and even risky treatments. Apart from the fact that experimenting with skin is a sin, being a worrywart can stress your mind and your skin out!

What stress does to your skin? Dullness, lifelessness, dry skin, under-eye circles and acne, can all be traced down to stress. Worrying can cause inflammation, resulting in the breaking down of the skin’s natural barriers. The hormone cortisol, that is released when you are stressed, breaks down collagen (your skins elasticity wonder) and makes the skin age faster. When you stress over your skin, you will lose sleep, and at the same time, your desire to eat will dip and you will want to binge on unhealthy “comfort” food. Picking your skin is another stress-induced habit you could fall prey to.

You need to take it easy. Being a skincare freak can cause more hurt to your skin than help it! Hit that reset button on your stress levels, take a break, leave that zit be!

Worry not- Be Skin Happy 🙂


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