Don’t Swing Away Your Skin Glow With Election 2012


Election fever is at its peak! Politicians are in a frenzy to get your Aye!

Listen up- Ohio, Colorado, Iowa, Nevada; all the swing states. Are these politicians getting you all confused, mad, crazy and literally getting under your skin? It must be a trying time facing a deluge of advertisements across all channels you can think of! Making a political decision is getting difficult. Don’t let them get under your skin, and don’t lose your glow.

The good news is for great skin, there is an undisputed PRESIDENT – mySkin – cares for the interests of your skin, based on what you need. We leave it to the beauty of ‘skin-ocracy‘ where users enter their skin details, share what products they are using and how they are seeing the effects. Then the mySkin algorithms match your skin profile with that of your “skin twins” and identify what is working best  for your skin. We don’t believe in interest groups who ask us to push products and we don’t take any monies from beauty companies, hence we don’t award their products prizes for being good. It doesn’t get any more real and unbiased than this- personalized skin-ocracy for you; democracy for your skin.

mySkin makes sure that this is skincare for you, by you, and of you. SkinTwins 2012!

Breaking News! mySkin is especially appealing to the women vote. Early voting is already at 100% in favor of skin-ocracy! Finally a bi-partisan solution for great skin. mySkin 2012!