Is It The Spa This 4th Of July Weekend?

The biggest summer party is round the bend! I can almost smell the barbeques being readied and fireworks being prepared for the Fourth of July celebrations. But this year I decided to give the city crowds a miss and make the most out of the 4th of July weekend by clubbing the Independence Day celebrations with a spa break. You’d be surprised at the stellar offers that most spas offer- be it at a beach, a mountainside or an All American town.

Why take that Spa break?

Our lives today are riddled with a lot of stress; be it work, kids or other aspects of our professional, personal and emotional life. It is very hard to recharge and unwind if you are constantly surrounded by your stress triggers. So why not move away from all this and take time to recharge, de-stress, detoxify and promote a general sense of well being by taking a spa break.  Try a couples massage, unwind while taking an exotic body wrap or polish up and become body beautiful.

Therapies to make your skin sing: While beauty enhancement therapies are definitely in vogue, you should maximize on your spa break by looking at therapies that promote inner wellness by helping you detoxify, reduce stress and boost immunity.

De-stress: Plagued by aches and pains? You could simply be stressed! Try a green tea and spices Scrubbasage (that’s a scrub and a massage rolled in one) to banish your aches and get super soft and glowing skin. This therapy combines the benefits of green tea (known for its powerful antioxidant properties) and cloves (famous for pain relieving and reducing muscle soreness) infused into a gentle cream base.  If it is a Swedish Massage you are trying, opt for the one that uses Wintergreen oil which relaxes the muscles and relieves pain.

Detoxify: Need to detoxify? Try the Palmarosa and Ylang Ylang body polish therapy for its fabulous detoxifying benefit. This therapy uses Dead Sea salt soaked in Palmarosa and Ylang Ylang  essential oils. Palmarosa repairs skin damage and Ylang Ylang essential oils help in eliminating the toxins. Detoxifying couldn’t get more lavish and pleasurable than this!

Reverse your age: Try the classic aromatherapy massage with a twist. Pamper yourself with the Vinotherapy massage to reverse signs of aging. The Vinotherapy Massage and body polish uses grape-seed and rose wine extracts that improve skin elasticity, improve cell multiplication and generously nourish the skin. Also popular is the Bamboo Lime scrub. Of the exotic Asian origin this therapy uses bamboo grains soaked in lime which helps in delaying the aging process and replenish lost moisture.

Take some time out to boost your overall wellness, relax and unwind as you see the fireworks rule the sky. Make the most of this 4th of July weekend. Just Spa in!


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