Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Home Laser Hair Removal Methods

Laser hair removal is becoming exceedingly popular amongst both men and women who do not want to have to bother with shaving and waxing on a regular basis. However, before laser treatment therapy can start, it is important for the users to understand what type of treatment it is and what it consists of. There are many different elements to laser hair treatment and these should be considered when you opt to search for the best home laser hair removal.

What Areas are Suitable for Treatment? Not all areas on the body are able to receive treatment. For example, treatment on the legs, armpits, back and face are generally well received. There are a few people who cannot have laser treatment because of ultra-sensitivity, but most fare well. The genital area is not suitable for treatment for several reasons. First, it is a highly sensitive area that is subject to burning easily and second, it can be difficult to reach with home laser hair removal tools; which can result in injury if not carefully administered. Similarly, the anal region should be avoided for the same reasons.

How Long will it Take? Laser hair treatment itself is a short process when it is being administered. However, even if you choose the best home laser hair removal device on the market, you are still going to have to administer more than one treatment. This is because your hair grows in stages and it is not possible to reach them all in one stage. Thus, several treatments are required in order to reach hairs that are in all stages of development.

Am I Guaranteed to Experience Results? Absolutely! However, the speed at which results are noticeable can vary from person to person. Perhaps you are an individual that has stubborn hair, which is refusing to go without a fight, or you may just be hairier than your average bear! If you feel that you are not achieving any results, this may be due to how you are using the product, so professional guidance might be helpful. Home laser devices are just as effective as those found in salons and professional environments, so you won’t necessarily achieve better results by attending such institutes; you’ll just spend more money! Therefore, providing you have the right guidance and the correct treatment techniques, you should start noticing a difference in your hair growth within a month.

Preparing for Laser Hair Removal: Preparing for laser hair removal is like preparing for other new experiences. You should be sure to read all of the relative material before attempting to carry out the treatment. Knowing how to use the device as well as being prepared for side effects will help you experience a more effective treatment. If at any time, you experience side effects that are not listed, it is in your best interest to contact a physician and have yourself examined.

Will I Experience Pain? Home laser hair removal is largely a pain-free treatment. However, some slight discomfort is a common occurrence with even the best home laser hair removal tools, as it is a laser that is targeting the root of your hair. This irritation is not intolerable, however, and you should only feel a slight twinge as the laser is working. Some people have a higher tolerance for pain than others and may not experience any discomfort at all! Others, however, may consider the sensation be greater. It is truly an individual determination.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that everyone’s experience with home laser hair removal is different. You can prepare yourself for the treatment, but you will not know how effective it is until you actually begin using it. It has come a long way since the beginning and it only promises to get better as technology increases.


Hazel is a skin-care and beauty writer who blogs for Tria Beauty, who offer a number of home laser hair removal products.


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  1. Dr L K Desai

    Nice post

    laser is a non-ionized form of energy, means that the energy level is too low to mutate cells & to destroy normal cells. It is not radiation. The treatment can only target the hair follicles. So it is very safe & painless & very cost effective. It also avoids the pigmentation & skin damage which generally occurs due to plucking, threading and waxing.

    Laser is an light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation. It is a selective photothermolysis which is a beam of highly concentrated light (monochromatic light) which destroys the hair follicle by acting on melanin pigment in hair follicle & hampers the regrowth of hair follicle without harming the skin around them. Laser converts thick hairs into fine hairs & gives permanent hair reduction effect.

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