Fact Or Fable: Black Skin has natural moisture, so no moisturizer needed

There are many myths about skin care based on racial ethnicity that just don’t ring true.  One such myth is in reference to African/Black people, and that black (facial) skin has a natural moisture to it so therefore there is no need for black skin to add a moisturizer.

WRONG!! While it is true that a number of black men and women have “oily” skin, which is caused by large and numerous sebaceous (oil) glands versus other ethnicities,  and these glands give off an appearance of their skin being shiny or “moisturized”,  this statement is totally false.   There is no such “natural” moisturizer that black skin has over any other ethnicity.

One of the best ways that individuals with black skin, or any other skin type can moisturize their skin is by drinking plenty of water.  Water helps detoxify cells and hydrates as well as moisturizes skin. In addition when cleansing skin use warm water as extremely hot water will dry skin.

When using a moisturizer all individuals with black skin should use a lightweight moisturizer that is readily absorbed into your skin without a trace, and thereby forming an invisible barrier to prevent loss of moisture.

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Fact Or Fable: Junk Food Causes Skin To Break Out

What is Accutane?

What is Accutane?

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  1. Jennie

    My skin gets oily after applying a moisturizer and gets very dry after using a soap or face wash.

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