Fact Or Myth: Waxing Your Underarms Removes Sweat Glands

Waxing is one of the most popular methods of hair removal. It’s practically a necessity for spas everywhere to offer this service, and more n’ more establishments dedicated exclusively to waxing are sprouting up. Waxing is so lauded because of how clean it leaves the skin! Despite the assertions that it’s a painful process, many women willingly undergo the process to achieve the great effects.

The Waxing Process: A combination of paraffin or beeswax, oil, and resin is pressed into the area where hair is to be removed (it may or may not be accompanied by the use of a strip of cloth), and yanked back in a quick, smooth motion to remove the hair by the roots. The wax can either be cold or hot—the only difference between the two is the temperature. While it is painful initially, the sensation is akin to that of a sharp sting, and the pain does not last. Because the roots of the hair are removed during this process, hair takes longer to grow back—the effects may last as long as 2-4 weeks. There are some things to remember before undergoing a wax job, however. First, waxing should not be done on sunburned, irritated skin, as it can end up wounding you. It should also be avoided when the area is cut or bruised in some way, as it could lead to infection. Pregnant or menstruating women may be particularly sensitive to pain during this time, so precaution should be taken before undergoing waxing. The ideal length at which underarm hair should be before waxing is .05 centimeters, or around ½ inch. Longer hair growth will take more time and effort to remove, and shorter hair growth results in the wax not being able to stick as well.

Waxing Reduces Sweat: Waxing causes hair to become thinner and finer because it breaks the hair follicles. For this reason, people feel its possible that waxing can remove sweat glands. As waxing ruins hair follicles, the theory is that it may ostensibly affect the sweat glands because of how deeply it works within our pores. Another reason people think waxing removes sweat glands is because the underarm area is left so unblocked by hair, it can keep cool in all situations. This minimizes the need for sweating in general, leading to the belief that sweat glands are removed with every wax job.

Is There Proof? While neither of these theories has been conclusively proven, they do show the value of having underarm sweat glands be gone. There are, in fact, surgeries people can undergo to remove underarm sweat glands, and many do take this option to avoid the insecurities that come with excessive sweating.

However, if your need is not as urgent, giving the waxing theory a try can’t hurt!


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