Feel Glamorous In The Cold Months


As the days get shorter and the nights grow colder, a pampering session may seem all the more tempting. But whether you spend a weekend at the spa, or take the opportunity to book the nose surgery you’ve been planning, it’s a great time to dedicate some time to yourself. It’s not always easy to feel glamorous during the chillier months of the year, but luck is by your side!

Here are few simple things you can do that will help you kiss your drab winter appearance goodbye, leaving a more magnificent you!

Fun And Fruity Face MasksFace masks are great for preparing for a big night out or just staying in with the girls!  Try one of the many homemade ones you can put together yourself? Strawberries mixed with natural yogurt is a wonderful face mask. Apply to your face for 30 minutes. Rinse off with warm water. Strawberries contain natural salicylic acid which is great for blemishes, while the cool, creamy yogurt will leave your complexion feeling cool and refreshed.

Remember To Exfoliate! Horrible weather and harsh winds can make the day really take its toll on your skin and a build-up of grease, dirt and grime can mean it’s even more essential that you exfoliate thoroughly. This will not only help you to unblock clogged pores, it will also remove any dead skin cells that may be building up. In no time at all, your complexion will look and feel fresher and more radiant – just remember to do this regularly and work it into your daily regime.

Your BFF Is A Moisturizer: Having some moisturizer on hand at all times can be a great way to refresh yourself and perk you up when all  is grey and dark outside. Always apply a good face moisturizer after washing your face and if you have been exfoliating or using a face-mask. The winter weather is likely to leave your skin feeling dry, so keeping it hydrated – no matter what kind of skin you have – is essential. Just make sure you pick the product that is right for you and ask our experts for advice.

Hair Rocks! There seem to be more men than ever who are looking at things like hair transplants to hold back the years, but for many women the answer is much easier. Hair extensions can look great with a Christmas party dress or even for day-to-day use. However, picking the right ones is incredibly important and opting for the cheapest ones available should be avoided at all costs. Bad hair extensions can look terrible and are unlikely to last very long either, so shop for a decent set and they should see you right through the party season.

Winter is a great time to get festive with your look!

Happy Skin= Happy You :)


Isabella Franklin has a love for all things beauty and enjoys guest posting about the latest cosmetic procedures. A regular writer for a variety of beauty and health sites, Bella loves combining blogging and beauty. Her articles feature both surgical and non-surgical options, on a range of procedures from face peels to the popular treatments of hair restoration.


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