Feel Good With Puppy Love

puppy love

When you reach home, are you welcomed with a BIG, WET, SLOPPY kiss on the nose? Your ecstatic, excited, bouncy pup is waiting to see you, for sure! The thought itself brings a smile to your lips and melts away your exhaustion and stress, does it not?

Research and evidence (scientific and personal) proves the numerous health benefits our animal companions provide us. Right from lowering your blood pressure to caring for a ‘special-needs’ person, these bundles of magic have an amazing ability to heal, even save lives and generally, spread love wherever they go!

Here’s what your doggie’s doing for you.

Woofing your cardiac disease away!

Pup owners have lower risks of heart diseases and increased longevity. Pets help in lowering your blood pressure, especially in stressful situations and have a calming effect on you. Research has shown that having a pet at home can help in lowering your triglyceride and cholesterol levels. Heart attack patients with pets have a higher survival rate than those without pets. Simply playing, cuddling or patting your pet can elevate the levels of serotonin and dopamine hormones in your body. These hormones help in calming and relaxing you. Hello happy feeling!

Bow-wow to a fitter lifestyle!

Your pet pushes you to a fitter lifestyle. How?

  • You take your dog for a walk. You walk as well.
  • Running around the backyard to catch your pup? You are actually meeting your daily requirement of exercise without even noticing it!
  • Made a new friend while walking your dog? Your dog is actually helping you to maintain an active social life.
  • Feeling depressed? Cuddle your pup.

Pets fulfill our basic human needs of touch. Simply touching, stroking, or even talking to your dog can have a therapeutic effect and keep you physically and mentally fit. Hello wellness!

Feel good, look good, arf!

All that happy feeling has to reflect somewhere. Surprise! Your face will show it. Reduced stress and a fitter lifestyle will keep you looking and feeling younger. Less stress will result in lesser production of the hormone cortisol that can damage collagen, cause breakouts, lines and wrinkles, dry skin and sluggish skin. All these skin problems lessen, just by petting your pet! Your cute canine shares a relationship filled with unconditional love. Good-bye stress!

Today being National Puppy Day ( March 21st) , it is time to celebrate the joy our furry friends bring into our lives. For all you pup owner, hug your lil’ buddy; and for those who don’t have a pet yet, adopt one! You’ll soon reap the benefits of good health and well being.



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