Feeling Sheepish-Do Sheep Placenta Facials Really Work?

The skincare industry is taking huge strides in making eternal youth a reality. One of the newest skincare trends that have been made popular by none other than the famous Mrs. Beckham is sheep placenta facials. One cannot deny that four kids later, Victoria Beckham looks as spicy as she did in her former Spice Girl days. Here’s a lookie into this new ‘posh’ treatment!

Sheep Placenta facials – a look inside Sheep placenta contains stem cells. It is these stem cells that are used in therapies meant for skin rejuvenation and beautification. Studies reveal that the stem cells from sheep placenta fade and sometimes even eliminate fine lines, wrinkles and skin creases…age signs that we accumulate over the years.  On application over a period of time this skin therapy gives the skin back its youthful elasticity and evenness.

What are the nutrients in sheep placenta? These stem cells from the sheep placenta are rich in nutrients, proteins and amino acids that fight damage caused to the skin by free radicals. These cells also interact with the skins own skin cells and stimulate them to wake up and produce collagen and promote skin cell growth.  As we age our skin tends to become dry and loses its elasticity and suppleness. The sheep placenta facials help in deep skin hydrating the skin which helps in diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. Apart from that, sheep placenta users also claim that it helps in reducing age spots, makes the skin even toned and gives a velvety soft feel to it. One of the active nutrients present in the sheep placenta is also Hyaluronic acid which reduces scarring and heals the skin. Apart from this sheep placenta also contains melatonin, SOD (Superoxide Dismutase), Peptide of Placenta, unique SCAFs (Senescent Cell Activating Factors) etc. All of these nutrients penetrate cell membranes stimulate cell regeneration, promote skin hydration and slow down the aging process.

Face off! A sheep placenta facial is not so complicated. Post a regular facial, a sheep placenta ‘mask’ is applied on the face. The placenta serum is a viscous liquid that is applied on the skin mixed along with gold flakes as a face mask. The results of this facial are supposedly almost immediate and leave the skin feeling soft, supple and glowing for almost 30 days. Of course, this skin treatment does cost a pretty penny costing anywhere between $400 to $700. Also, while the benefits of sheep placenta are known the proven effectiveness of the same is still to be seen. One can safely say that while this treatment is the new skincare sensation of the day and has no potential side effects, you need to decide if this skin treatment’s the one for you!

What is your take on sheep placenta facials? Write in and share your views with us.


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  1. allentansp

    I have not tried sheep placenta facial. But i do tried taking Sheep placenta softgel. Its as good. I just wonder on the cost of it as compare to taking sheep placenta softgel.. Perhaps may be a good try…


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