Forget The $16 Muffins, $16 For Beauty Is More Exciting


Wow! $16 for a muffin- looks like it was topped with pixie dust! The US Justice department apparently paid $16 apiece for muffins for their staff at a conference in Washington DC. $16 worth of flour, sugar, butter, milk  and toppings is unheard of for one single muffin, spending this amount for one’s coffee break is ridiculous… forget it! I have better things to do with my $16:)

I’ve indulged in the Spaweek offering at $50/ treatment but I would love to see a treatment done for $16 albeit with good products and safe ingredients. Feels like a dream , and may not happen in real with prices of every thing surging upwards and the economy looking at another recession. Ah! I may get a ‘after- dark/ late-night ‘ spa treat sometimes- now that sounds exciting and fun:). This is money well spent.

What do you see yourself doing? Will you love skincare at $16 a product, more or less?

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