Give Yourself a 5 Minute Stress Relieving Massage


What comes to your mind when I say,”massage”? I think of cool spas, comfy massage beds, calming music, the smells of essential oils and the soothing hands of a masseuse giving me a good rubdown and melting all the aches and pains away. Snap to reality…Who has the time to go in for massages each day? Of course, I get so busted at the end of each day, I can feel sailor knots in my body.

Here’s a quick stress busting do-it-yourself massage that takes over from the Swedish and the Shiatsu’s of the world!

To begin with your at home massage doesn’t have to be very mundane and clinical. Do set an ambiance; after all you are trying to relieve stress. Play some calming music, dim the lights, light some scented candles…just get the feel of the spa at your home.

Start with some deep breathing– Get some oxygen flowing into your body by consciously breathing through your nose and exhaling through your mouth making sure that you push out as much air from your lungs.

Treat the tired eyes– Long days of staring into the computer screen can give you very tired eyes. To relieve the pressure from the eyes close your eyes and put your thumbs under your eyebrows at the inner corner of the eyes. Gently press and move your fingers around the eyes ending it at the nose bridge. Now rub your hands together to warm them and cover your eyes. Count till five and release.

Ease the temples – Ease away the pressure that you feel on your forehead by gently massaging your temples. Place your thumbs under the cheekbones close to your ears. Now gently massage your temples using firm pressure. Gradually move your fingers along the hairline across the forehead.

Shift the focus to your feet – Once your body begins to feel relaxed start your feet de-stress routine. Stretch your leg out and relax the foot. Then tense the muscles in your foot and squeeze as tightly as you can, hold for 10 seconds and release. Visualize the pain and stiffness leaving your body. Repeat with the other leg.

The neck and shoulder massage– Release the tension and the rigidity from your neck and shoulders with this stretch. Sit in an upright position. Take a deep breath, put your hands over your shoulders, and let your head drop back and then exhale slowly. Now squeeze your hands over your shoulders moving slowly and gradually towards your neck. Drop your head forward and massage your neck to the base of your skull with your fingertips in deep circular motions.

Enjoy and relax- get rid of all the built up tension stored in your body. Happy massaging!

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    Great Post! very informative tips regarding massage.