The Earth Series: Go Green – On The Outside!


We have been weaned off everything synthetic and are closer to nature’s bounty with green skincare products free from parabens, sulfates, synthetics, dyes, preservatives, silicone and animal by-products.

But what about the actual packaging of these new products? Shouldn’t they also be closer to the earth’s natural properties?

In our quest to be synthetic free, we started asking, “What’s happening to my empty bottle of shampoo when it’s in the trash”? “Where is my partially used eye shadow quad heading”? “What is the level of carbon footprint skincare companies generate?”

These pertinent questions gave birth to green, earth friendly skincare packaging. Both the skincare product and the packaging became  important for a user who wishes to keep the Earth unpolluted and clean.
Traditional plastic packaging got replaced by bio degradable and eco friendly options such as bamboo, paper, wood, cloth but they produce excessive carbon footprint and emissions.

New-Age Packaging Shifts:

• Soap wrappers are made out of recycled paper that have seeds embedded in them which can get planted eventually. Soak this packaging completely in water for ten minutes and then plant it, you’ll be surprised to find a Sweet basil or Amaranth plant growing in your garden!

• Make up comes packaged in what looks like wood but is actually a mixture of wood fibers and thereby has a lesser impact on the environment. The wood used in this packaging is grown specifically for this purpose.

• Bamboo is another very popular packaging material. It looks beautiful in cosmetic packaging and can also be used as a tree pulp replacement.

• Skin care and cosmetic companies use  wind energy extensively thereby reducing the carbon footprint that goes into making these products.

• Labels and tags need to be manufactured in an environmentally conscious way too. Soy based inks can be printed directly onto the product container reducing the use of paper and adhesives.

On this Earth Day, let us look not just into the product but also its packaging. Go green- inside out!

  • Amy

    I’ve heard that these eco-friendly styles increase the product costs.Is it true?

  • Vanajakshi

    Seems like a great tip.Thanks for sharing this unique information… Really very much beneficial to protect the skin during summer.