Guest Post: 10 Simple Tips For Clearing Up Your Skin

When our skin breaks out, we tend to want to fix it in one way or another, don’t we?  We are quick to reach for the so-called right cream, lotion, or acne medicine, but is that really the best approach?

It’s not as difficult as you might think to enjoy youthful, healthy and glowing skin!

  • Hydrate your skin – drink at least 64 ounces of water a day, if not a little more.  Hydrating your body will in turn do the same for your skin and the toxins and chemicals you could be harboring in your body are flushed out naturally.  Your skin will respond by clearing up.
  • Avoid excess sugar – sugar is the enemy of all skin types, but especially sensitive skin!  Processed sugar and sweeteners are actually a deterrent to healthy skin, so avoid as much or all of it whenever possible.  Some people even find that they react to fruits with high sugar content – if this is true for you, opt for lower sugar fruits.
  • Allow your skin to breathe – leave off the creams, lotions, and acne medicines, which can actually clog pores and cause more issues rather than clear them up.  Once the breakout has subsided, you can go back to using your moisturizer as part of your daily regimen.
  • Facial exercise – toning your facial skin can be an excellent way to stay looking young, but it also has had a positive effect on clearing up skin too.
  • Avoid fatty foods – these foods slow down digestion and when our digestive system isn’t in optimal order, our skin pays the price.
  • Add vegetables to your diet!  This is really one of the greatest ways to nourish your body and nourish your skin.  Juice the veggies if you can’t seem to eat 5-7 servings a day in raw form.  Add some to a salad for good roughage – it helps keep the digestive system in good form.
  • Enjoy lean protein and whole grains every day.
  • Consider adding a probiotic supplement and a digestive enzyme supplement to your daily dietary regimen.  These are helpful for keeping all the body’s systems operating properly and will help the body eliminate toxins and chemicals from the body.  What does that mean for your skin?  Beautiful, healthy looking skin!
  • Exercise – try to get out and walk 3 times a week or engage in other fun exercise like swimming, bicycling, or hiking.  Cardio and strength training together strengthen the body and will reduce stress, which will in turn help clear up your skin because we all know stress is one reason our skin may be breaking out in the first place.
  • Meditation and relaxation- are some more techniques to incorporate into your daily or weekly routine because they relax the mind and the body and help you to reduce your stress level and focus on the things that are important in life.Reducing stress in every area of your life will make a difference in how your skin looks and in your overall appearance.

Take a good look at your schedule and how you are spending your time and make adjustments where it’s necessary.  You’ll love how your skin looks!


Today’s guest blogger, M Rochell is the creator of which offers a free eBook on safe, natural solutions to rosacea, acne scar healing and other chronic skin problems.


Note:  All views expressed in this blog post are the personal opinions of the guest blogger. doesn’t favor any particular skincare brand or take advertising from any of them. Our scientific algorithm is entirely unbiased based on your skin profile.


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