Guest Post: Beauty Tips For The Gluten Intolerant


Women worldwide have an inborn liking for makeup. It’s not really possible for women to imagine life without makeup or taking a step out of their homes without wearing that essential lipstick, mascara, lip gloss, eye liner or nail paint. What happens in case a woman is not able to wear makeup like her peers? She will be devastated, loose her self confidence and will try to keep to herself. Women without make up- its really difficult to imagine! Indeed there maybe cases where individuals are not able to wear makeup due to one or the other reason. The reasons may vary from sensitivity of the skin to disorders like Celiac. It’s not the end of the world for women who can’t wear the routine makeup that is lined up in the corner shops or in the supermarkets. There is always an alternative.

Individuals suffering from Celiac are prone to aggravate their problems by wearing the normal makeup that is laden with gluten rich products. These gluten laden makeup items although don’t get involved directly in aggravating the problem, research has proven beyond doubt that indirectly they do have an effect on the digestive system of  gluten intolerant individuals. There are divergent views on the use of gluten laden products and their effects on the health of individuals suffering from celiac, still evidence in the form of experiments have proven beyond doubt that makeup products make extensive use of gluten laden products for they are perfect binding agents in cosmetics. The gluten part of these cosmetics  gets into the food chain and has an effect that causes the disorder to aggravate. Many beauty brands  have started gluten free products that don’t make use of gluten laden products to bind the elements together. People with Celiac now have the option of switching to these products before their problems aggravate and not compromising with their health.

Its time to take care of your health and switch to beauty products that are gluten free, vegan and organic in nature. However there maybe a price difference but think about the price that one would be paying for ill health and low self esteem especially among women who are gluten intolerant but have a penchant for wearing the best makeup available.


Today’s guest blogger, Elva is an expert in writing on topics like food, health and medical Issues. She is a fitness freak and believes that nutritious food and good health are the essential elements of life that help a human being lead a quality life. Being gluten intolerant she is a big time advocate of a gluten free food and gluten free recipes.


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    Its so beautiful and meaningful information. you just done a fabulous job for helping lots of people regarding their beauty.

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    Really a motivating post for those who are suffering from Celiac and i do accede there is always a alternative so need to worry about it just go for brands providing gluten laden free products..