Guest Post: Scars, Scarring And Scar Care

All of us have some sort of scar somewhere. Some are light and barely noticeable; others can completely change a person’s appearance. There’s no magical cure for any scarring, but you don’t need to earn a PhD to know that proper scar care can diminish their appearance and provide a huge boost to your self-esteem.

Small Scars: Small scars are the result of different types of skin traumas; acne, childhood diseases like chicken pox, cuts, and scrapes. The best time to care for these is during the healing process. Scars often form from these types of afflictions due to infection. It’s important to keep open sores or abrasions clean and dry in order to allow the body’s natural defenses to work properly. Once the abrasion has healed, scar treatment creams may help reduce the appearance of small scars, but these aren’t ‘miracle creams’ and won’t completely remove scars. Time, however, may eradicate any sign of small scars.

Pregnancy Scars: The uterus expands to more than 1,000 times its original size during pregnancy, and scarring in the form of stretch marks may result. It’s important to treat stretchmarks before they’re even noticeable. Using creams and oils rich in vitamin E and antioxidants are vital to minimize the damage caused to the skin and reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Burn Scars: Some of the worst scars the human body can endure come from burns. From small burns to those that cover a large area of the body, including skin graft scars, it’s once again most important to treat them during healing. Large burns are prone to infection, so it’s critical to seek medical care from both a physician and a dermatologist. Certain ingredients added to burn creams may help to some extent, but will not completely prevent a scar from forming. Some dermatologists have had success using fractional laser treatments to reduce the appearance of severe scars.

No matter the source of the injury, preventing and lessening the severity of scars should always begin during the healing process. Doctors and dermatologists can provide tips and tricks for reducing the appearance of these different types of scars. Scars are permanent and there’s no miracle to make them simply disappear. With the right therapies and medical treatments, however, it is possible to reduce their appearance and make a huge difference to many lives.


Guest blogger Elaine Hirsch is kind of a jack-of-all-interests, from education and history to medicine and videogames. This makes it difficult to choose just one life path, so she is currently working as a writer for various education-related sites and writing about all these things instead. She is currently a writer for an online PhD resource.


Note: The post has been completely written by the guest blogger and the thoughts expressed are hers alone. mySkin does not endorse to any products or sites mentioned in the post.

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