GUEST POST: Strategies for combating stretch marks

No matter how hard you try to keep your skin tender, soft, and smooth – it happens: stretch marks! Try as you might to keep them away, they appear for many different reasons, especially during pregnancy and when you suddenly put on a lot of weight. No matter how easy they appear, they are a real nightmare!

No one is immune

Don’t worry; everyone can have them, even celebrities. The real question is: Is there some kind of remedy or a cream which can remove stretches as well as Photoshop? In addition, you should forget about that common misconception that stretch marks don’t show because of skin stretching as you might have thought; even though it seems as the most logical answer (even their name comes from this strong belief).


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What causes stretch marks?

The answer is – hormones. Hormonal changes in your body are drastic at some periods of your life – for instance during pregnancy, in adolescence, or when the menopause starts. This is the time when stretch marks most often appear. They can also appear on men’s skin when they suddenly change their lifestyle – during hard workout, lifting heavy weights (increasing muscle growth), quitting cigarettes, etc.

How is this possible?

Skin is the most elastic organ in human body, so stretch marks actually have nothing to do with skin stretching. Skin hormones are connected with other hormones; they receive messages from your metabolism and illustrate them on your skin surface as an answer for gaining weight. We can go one step further if we mention that latest research proved that stretch marks can be made artificially just by consuming steroids, birth control pills or by applying strong topical corticosteroids, without varying in weight.

 How to prevent them from occurring?

Genetics and ethnicity also have influence on whether stretch marks can appear or not. For example, people with darker skin are less likely to have them. Luckily, you can prevent them from appearing by living a healthy life. You should avoid medicaments which can cause hormonal changes in your body, not to mention drug consumption.


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Is there a natural way to fight stretch marks?

Castor oil is great in dealing with many different skin problems from pimples and dark spots to wrinkles.  Aloe Vera is magnificent for your overall health, especially for skin issues. It is most effective if you can apply juice from raw plant to your skin directly. Also, you can treat them with naturally acidic lemon juice.

Is surgery an option?

Surgery is probably your final and the most expensive option, but there is no doubt that it is also the most effective, especially as the cosmetic surgery is so well developed. Tummy tuck is actually the only permanent way to remove stretch marks once and for all.

You can incorporate all these things into your ‘anti-stretch marks’ program, and by combining these methods you shall get the result you are looking for. In the meantime, you can start with light fitness program or jogging just to give yourself a good starting point for your full recovery.

Gabriella Diesendorf is a freelance writer for many beauty and fashion blogs. She’s an art historian with great passion for all things regarding beauty. You can read more of her work here.

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GUEST POST: Strategies for combating stretch marks

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GUEST POST: Strategies for combating stretch marks

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