Guest Post: The Fish Pedicure

Fed up of trying to soak and scrub away the hard skin on your feet? You could use the good old pumice stone, various blades and tools to shave off the hard skin. But, all these tools require a lot of effort, especially if you have a lot of tough skin. Now there is a much easier way to have soft supple feet- the Garra fish pedicure!

This fish pedicure is the easiest way to get baby soft feet. The Garra Rufa fish simply nibble away, don’t bite but merely suck and lick away the dead skin cells. All you do is simply immerse your feet into water and many of the carp fish instantly begin to tickle your feet by feasting on the dead skin cells. There is nothing to fear guys- all you feel is a gentle tingling sensation, which is relaxing and invigorating.

The Garra Fish are fresh water carp fish original to the Middle East and Turkey. They have been around for many centuries and are thought to have cured many different skin conditions. They live in warm water where people used to regularly bathe. They normally nibbled away at plankton but as food became scarce they adapted to eating dead skin cells and started nibbling the locals! Frequent visitors who had skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema found that their skin condition improved and their skin felt revitalized. No wonder the Garra Rufa fish were nicknamed ‘Doctor Fish’! Research conducted later revealed that the fish has special enzymes in their saliva called Dithranol which helps in revitalizing the skin. These fish pedicures first came into Europe and Asia around 2006 and over the last year have taken the UK by storm. They were first introduced to up-market spas and salons, but now there are stalls opening up in town centers all across the UK. The ‘nibbling session’ normally lasts 15/30minutes. Many spas now offer to give you a foot treatment straight after, involving tidying your nails and cuticles, painting your nails and moisturizing your feet. Welcome to the world of beautiful, soft and wonderful peds:)

Have you tried this pedicure? Let us know your experience.


Muzammil Bashir: Muzammil works with the senior editor of pretty- small- This site specializes in small size shoes for women with small feet.


Guest Post: The Fish Pedicure

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  1. Anonymous

    Yes, the spa fish and the wonderful work they do are amazing!  The spa fish experience is rapidly becoming known not only as a thrilling, fun  and unusual beauty treatment but also an exciting natural alternative for those who suffer from eczema and psoriasis. Find what you need to know to prepare, create, set up, maintain and operate your own Doctor fish spa pedicure business at  

  2. Chittaranjan Sarangi

    Really wonderful pedicure.. I have heard about the general pedicure chairs like one of the website i have visited before: but i did not see the pedicure chairs like this what you have been posted here.. Very good and useful chairs i think.

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