Guest Post: The Long Term Effects of Heavy Makeup Use


Hey Ladies!  We all know that looking our best sometimes requires a little accenting  of our natural beauties with complementary makeup colors.  Unfortunately this can easily be over done and often times is!  When this occurs long term damage actually takes place.  Lets take a look at what some of the consequences to your skin are from over indulgence in makeup and how to avoid them.

Chemical Attack– Most makeups contain chemicals that are not so friendly to your skin like parabens, used to preserve the product and extend its shelf life, and sodium laureth sulfate, the ingredient that gives the product that wonderful slip that is so pleasant to the touch, just to name a couple.  Another thing to note which is kind of scientifically cool is the effects of mineral oil, used as a paraben in many makeups, will actually petrify a piece of bread submerged within it.  The amount of chemicals within your typical makeup product are usually not enough to be harmful.  However, your skin absorbs them every time the product is applied and over-exposure can lead to a build up of these chemicals within your skin.  Eventually this accumulation may create problems like irritation and inflammation causing skin cells to breakdown leading to pre-mature aging and in severe cases skin growths.

Cleansing Must- Another downside to wearing heavy makeup is removing it.  Choosing the correct makeup cleanser for your skin type and application requirements is a very important decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Many removers will strip the skin of its natural oils breaking down its protective barrier called the “acid mantle.”  This striping is detrimental to the skin causing all sorts of issues like an over production of oils to rebuild the skins protective layer.  Chronic stripping compromises the skin’s ability to heal and protect itself.  So, to avoid this problem use biological oils such as emu oil or glycerin to breakdown the makeup then follow with a pH neutral cleanser that is not foaming.  Jojoba oil is molecularly the closest to our own sebum and is best for normal to dry skin types.  You can also use the same biological oils to hydrate the skin after cleansing, which helps to avoid any extra exposure to unnecessary chemicals.

Barrier creation- If you choose to wear makeup try choosing a natural kind which many brands now offer.  Minerals are a good choice for normal to oily skin types and are natural sunblocks.  If you choose to use mineral makeup, splurge for a high quality one that doesn’t contain talc.  Talc can sometimes be irritating to sensitive skin types.  Another option for protection against the chemicals in makeup is to build a barrier between your skin and the makeup.  Sunblock is perfect for this task and using a complete physical sunblock under makeup will build a natural barrier protecting your skin not only from sun rays but the chemicals in your makeup as well.

So remember your skin and the long term effects it can suffer if caution isn’t taken to protect it and maintain its health.  Makeup isn’t the enemy!  Wearing makeup with proper application is fun and can instantly boost self confidence.  Just be careful not to over indulge.  Happy painting ladies!


Today’s guest blogger Hollie Jean is a Licensed Esthetician and Makeup artist from Savannah GA who specializes in mud wraps, oxygen facials, hand made body scrubs and more. She believes in combining nature’s power with the nurturing, calming, and healing effects of touch for your skin:)


Note: The post has been completely written by the guest blogger and the thoughts expressed are hers alone. mySkin does not endorse to any products or sites mentioned in the post.