GUEST POST: Top 5 Exotic Spa Treatments

All of us are subject to trends and marketing. In terms of spa and spa business, it is no longer good enough to visit your local spa. Nowadays, people are searching for a global option for their relaxing wellness vacation. Of course, spas always try to implement their local ingredients and treatments so they can provide something new and exciting to their visitors.
To be honest, these ingredients are precisely what differentiate them from their competition. Because of the nature of a certain treatment, it is impossible to replicate them in other spas or countries.
This is our list for top 5 exotic spa treatments.

  1. Queen conch shell scrub, Turks and Caicos

In order to provide their visitors with best possible experience, some of the spas are prepared not only to use local flora but local fauna as well. This particular type of shells is characteristic for Pacific and southern Atlantic. Although it is often exported, managers of spas wouldn’t buy it for treatment because of its high final cost. That is why you will probably be able to enjoy this treatment only in this part of the world. Before the treatment, shells are grounded and oil is added to them. Together, they are quite effective exfoliant.

  1. Ylang ylang purity, Oberoi

Something that might be interesting or exotic for you as a visitor can be quite a regular thing for natives. Ylang ylang tree is a specie indigenous for Mauritius. Although it serves as an excellent aphrodisiac, most of the other countries didn’t see benefit of importing it for their own spas or spa services. Flowers of this tree are used for production of oil. Together with salt, the mixture creates great exfoliant which is used during 90 minute treatment in order to remove all the dead cells from the surface of the skin.

Woman's hands with orchids and bowl of milk

  1. Body zone sunrise, Hyatt Regency Hotel

Similarly to their smaller counterparts, even the big hotel chains are trying to implement their local ingredients in most mundane treatments. Although facial mask, exfoliation and bath are nothing new or nothing special, the ingredients used in the process are what makes is apart. Depending on the stage of the treatment, different fruits are used. The most interesting one is paw paw which is a local, Australian plant. Besides that, pineapple, peppermint, coffee, ginger, lemon, myrtle, sandlewood are used.

  1. Tepezcohuite body drench, Aurora Spa

Since the Mayans, this plant was known for its healing properties. It was used to stop bleeding, prevent infection and treat lesions. Today, as you can presume, it is still used for healing and different treatments. Aurora Spa uses it as a body drench, rejuvenating skin in the process. It is mostly beneficial for visitors who have sunburns.


  1. Ancient Aboriginal, Ayurvedic and Asia spa traditions, Bodhi Spa

Although Ayurvedic treatments are quite popular all over the world, this one is unique. The treatment is performed by two physiotherapists that are taking complete charge of your body. Not only that you are getting extra pampered by two additional hands, they are synchronized as well. During the treatment, special Dosha-oil is used which content is still unknown.

As exotic as they may sound, there are people that still like to relax closer to their home. If you’re looking for a good, traditional spa treatment, look no further than Toronto and Uptown Spa.


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GUEST POST: Top 5 Exotic Spa Treatments

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GUEST POST: Top 5 Exotic Spa Treatments

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