Hand Skincare For Winter

Skin on your face is not the only one which needs protecting – we often forget the skin on our hands. Keeping in mind there’s some cold weather coming up, hands are the ones which often get neglected. Hands are, after all, exposed to the cold and the wind and by the end of winter can end up looking dry and chapped. Dry, cracked or even bleeding hands are not something you’d consider desirable in any season.

Here are some tips on how to maintain the skin on your hands during winter:

Wear gloves whenever going outside                         

The cold air and winds can dry out your hands. The easiest way to protect them is to wear glowes. Always keep a pair in your car, in your bag or by your front door.

Use a moisturizer every day

You should definetely add a hand cream to your beauty routine to help nourish your hands.

Exfoliate your hands

The skin regenerates every month, but sometimes dead skin cells remain. Exfoliating your skin will help with removing excess skin. But don’t overdo it! Twice a week is enough.

Use mild soaps with moisturizers

Never use a soap which will potentially dry out your skin.

Keep a moisturizer next to your sink

That way you’ll be able to moisturize your hands every time you wash them.

Use rubber gloves when doing housework

Although housework isn’t done only in the winter, we don’t need to emphasize this enough. Harsh chemicals from cleaning agents may dry out or even damage the skin on your hands.

Hand Skincare For Winter

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Hand Skincare For Winter

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