Ageless Hands


Your hands are the tell-tale signs of your age. One look at someone’s hands and you can clearly tell whether he or she takes care of them and guess how old that person is.

Giving your hands the same treatment that you would the skin on your face is important in preventing neglect and maintaining healthy skin on your hands.

It’s of utmost importance to moisturize your hands. The skin on your hands is typically normal to dry, even if your face is oily. While moisturizing won’t remove the age from your skin, it will help to restore softness for awhile. If your hands are severely chapped, try a thick face cream or other heavy-duty moisturizer. Don’t forget to rub it into your cuticles.

Sunscreen will hold off the formation of brown spots and the mottled effect that results from exposure to sun and will slow down the loss of collagen. SPF30 or higher is best for hands and arms, as these areas get more sun exposure. Reapply throughout the day according to the amount of sun exposure you’ll be experiencing.

Chapped hands are the result of loss of moisture, leading to dry skin but there are a number of natural ingredients you can use to help restore the pH balance and suppleness.

Some household tips to help with the dry hands. Let us know if you try them and if they work for you!

  • HONEY LEMON JUICE AND OIL: Take one-teaspoon oil (any oil such as vegetable oil, olive oil or almond oil will do), one teaspoon lemon juice, one tablespoon rose water. Mix well together. Rub over crusty elbows, knuckles and other hardened areas. Keep rubbing it in, then after 5 – 7 minutes rinse off. This not only nourishes the skin, but also keeps it soft.
  • LEMON JUICE AND BARLEY POWDER: Take one tablespoon barley powder, one tablespoon lemon juice. In case barley powder is not available, boil barley for 10 minutes. Extract the juice and mix it with lemon juice. Apply on the finger joints to get rid of dark circles. Rub well into the skin. Leave it to dry and then apply and rub again. After it has dried, then rinse off. This also softens and whitens knuckles.
  • POTATO JUICE: Take two potatoes, peel and grate them. Extract juice of these potatoes. Apply all over the hands, especially over the knuckles and finger joints. The potato juice can also be applied over scars left by wounds, cuts or burns. If used regularly, it helps to eliminate these scars and lightens dark areas around the knuckles and finger joints.
  • ONION JUICE: You can relieve minor kitchen burns on the hand just by rubbing a raw onion on the burn. Take an onion, cut it into half and rub on the burned area. It immediately reduces inflammation and relieves pain.
  • COLD MILK: Did you know that blisters on the hands resulting from accidents while cooking, can be cured with a cold milk compress if applied immediately? Put some cold milk on the blister and dab it two or three times. This will soothe the blisters immediately and actually aid healing.
  • Jennie

    Take 1 tbs of chickpea flour and 1 tbs of milk . Rub the mixture on your hand and wash it off. It will leave your hands smooth.

  • Betsy

    A regular massage with coconut oil helps to keep hands smooth and moisturized.

  • Amanda

    Apply, almond oil on your hands before going to bed. It will leave your hands smooth.

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  • Musarrat

    Great tips!Moisturize your hands at least four times a day.

  • Belinda

    This is an informative post. Most ladies are very consistent about getting their nails done on a regular but do not take in the full definition of manicure – “Manicure is derived from the Latin words manus , meaning hand and cura , meaning care”. This means that not only do the nails need our full attention but also the care of the skin of our hands. I recommend a once a week deep heating treatment such as Meltology’s self-heating spa mitts,, that provides a penetrating treatment for the hands as well as daily moisturizing to help keep the hands ageless.

  • Gloria

    almond oil sounds delicious! i want to get a pair of spa mittens too!

  • Brielle

    You got great points there, that’s why I always love checking out your blog.

  • Lisa Wagner

    This blog is really helpful for the women who want their skin always refreshed and healthy especially in the winter. Generally in winter the skin become rough and dry and in this if anyone follows the tips described above vividly will recover herself from any kind of unintentional trouble cased by the weather of winter season.

  • mySkin Inc.

    Thanks for your feedback, Lisa:)