Have Sex To Glowing Skin!


Ever wondered why the girls in Sex and the City looked so good. Besides their Jimmy Choos, designer clothes and airbrushed looks I figured it could be because of all the sex they were getting. Miranda, the corporate lawyer with no time for her personal life is shown as the washed out one while Samantha Brown has achieved a somewhat cult status for her enviable libido amongst all women; you have to agree that she looks great!

Does sex really make us look all that good? According to clinical sexologists, sex and the subsequent orgasm is one of the best things that you can give yourself to get great looking glowing skin. Almost all of them believe that sex should be a part of your daily routine much like brushing your teeth or washing your hair.

Check out the five reasons, why sex is good for your skin:

Getting that heavenly glow: It’s true! Sex gives your skin that heavenly glow. Ever wondered why everyone at work knows when you have had a good session the day after? The reason behind this glow is that sex gets your blood circulation flowing and ups the oxygen levels in your system making your skin look brighter. To get that Jolie pout have sex! Research shows that sex can actually make your lips seem fuller.

Controlling that acne: Much like people who exercise, sex helps in controlling the hormonal imbalance in the body that causes acne. The balanced hormone levels help you not only control the acne but also give you lustrous hair.

Sex and the miracle molecule: Sex promotes the release of endorphin. Endorphins are neurotransmitters that are produced by the brain that are designed to reduce pain and give you a natural sense of well being and happiness. With sex a higher levels of endorphins are released into the system which makes your skin glow. In fact, some research also shows that endorphins promote the growth of the epithelial cells aiding the production of new skin cells and boost natural collagen production. This helps reduce age spots and skin sagging. (Think Samantha Jones from Sex and the City)

Get a free facial: Well not quite! But a good romp session makes you sweat and opens up your pores clearing all the stuck up dirt, grime and residual make up. It’s almost like a free facial.

Prevent dry skin: Sex plays a huge role when you want some respite from dry skin. That doesn’t mean that you replace your eight glasses of water with sex but sex definitely keeps the skin hydrated and gives it the moisture boost it needs.

So the next time you say you are tired for some action think of your skin…and enjoy with your partner.