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wearablesTechnology is zooming ahead in leaps and bounds. The world is getting smarter, life is getting quicker and gadgets are making life simpler. All these attempts to meet and adapt to the ever expanding needs of the “Gen-next” has the gizmo world digging deeper into wearable technology and devices.

French kiss-away premature aging!

The June Bracelet, by Netatmo, is sleek wearable that measures your sun exposure and guides you with tips sent directly to their app that can be downloaded on your smartphone. Based on a series of questions about your skin type saved in the app during your first use, you will get personalized advice on how you can maximize your sun protection. The device uses its UV sensors and the current meteorological information to tell you what level of SPF cream you need to use, or even if you need to wear a hat!

Stylish tattoo sensors to read skin-centric biomarkers

Taking fitness monitoring to another level altogether, Electrozyme developed temporary tattoo sensors. These sensors are able to measure the skins PH and salt levels, sweat electrolyte, lactate content, hydration, etc. This information is sent to a mobile device, to track your fitness levels and physical performance.

Get zapped into maintaining a good posture

With focus on wellness and maintaining good posture for a healthy body, Lumo Bodytech comes with the discreet Lumo Lift. It is a chip-sized, small gadget that can detect the body’s posture. The Lumo Lift vibrates when it detects a slouch and also provides feedback and rewards through a mobile app.

Avoid the brasserie-binging; wear the brassiere!

Heads-up women! Microsoft comes up with a “smart bra” with sensors that are able to monitor a woman’s heart-rate, keep a track of her emotions and signal when when there is overeating due to stress. The bra was perfect to collect EKG data placing the device near the heart, and sends the data to a smartphone app, triggering certain alarms.

Walk with nature

Sensoree, a company that designs fashionable wearable technology, has come up with ‘Virtual Nature’. These are haptic insoles that can give the user a feeling of walking on moss, sand or rock. This feeling is brought about by vibrations that imitate the feeling of natural substances. The product is designed to restore equilibrium, maintain balance and retrain vestibular imbalances.

Happy Health= Happy You (Y)


mySkin’s  dermograph™ is the world’s first transdermal skin consultation system for beauty advisers to offer credible and scientific consultations to their customers from the innovation rooms of mySkin. The dermograph™ is an integrated touchscreen computer + a simple, hand-held device that measures skin health. It looks beneath the surface of skin using visible light to measure multiple characteristics of your skin and matches these results with the most effective products/treatments.

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