How Can Your Friend Help You Achieve Your Beauty Goals?


You all have a special friend or a group of BFF’s with who you share with your highs, lows, laughs and tears! Usually your likes, dislikes, way of thinking, choice in clothes, your secret Hollywood crush- all are common with your dear friend! You go out together, watch movies, shop, diet and even workout together.

Research proves that when it comes to following a particular health regime like diets, workouts or even quitting smoking, when done with your friend, you end up being 45% more willing to start, and 40% more successful in achieving your end goal. These statistics apply to your beauty goals too! Here’s how your friends help:

What works and what doesn’t – You and your bestie can research your skin types, your lifestyles, your daily beauty needs and your goals to plan on an appropriate beauty regime. It’s not only more fun, but you may end up coming up with a better beauty plan for each other. But observe caution- if a derm’s intervention is needed in your plan, go to a doc.

Sticking with the plan – With friends, you like to do things together. Therefore, you are more likely to stay committed to your beauty regime. If your regime includes a skin care treatment you and your friend can help each other to do it at home, or a trip to the beauty salon for a facial is more exciting when you are with your friends.

Friendly guidance – Help is always around! You can call you friend for any help, guidance or advice with regards to your skin care routine. They help you with DIY home packs, choosing the right skin care products, or simple advice about how your makeup looks. Your friend will never think twice before doling out help (Y)

Measuring the success of your plan – Do you want an honest opinion- ask your friend! Moreover, if they are sharing your beauty regime, they will make sure you’re doing things the right way. Therefore, they are the best when it comes to measuring the success of your plans and achievement of beauty goals.

Celebrating each moment– After every success comes a celebration. A celebration of the successful achievement of your goals, with your friend/s is absolutely mandatory. Who else will you have that one day of fun with 🙂

Think about it- It’s more fun to head to the spa with your bestie. It’s more fun to scan the Sephora aisles or the mySkin product recommendations for those paraben free products with her/ him. Even sitting at home, surfing the internet for good makeup that suits your skin, will be more fun, if you’re with your gang of girls.


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