How Do Anti-aging Products Work?

You’ve cut the birthday cake bidding goodbye to being a year younger. Aging is a natural process which we can accept with positivity if we age with grace and style. Remember- aging is not in your hands, but looking good certainly is! In this quest of looking youthful, anti-aging products help us a lot.

It’s not “a genie in a bottle” but science that helps us look good. Here are the ingredients to look for in your anti-aging creams:

Retinol A – It is a compound derived from Vitamin A, which potently eradicates dead skin cells and wrinkles. It’s a powerful anti-oxidant agent revitalizing your skin.

Alpha-hydroxy Acids or AHAs – These are acids derived from natural fruits and vegetables. They root into the skin and gently exfoliate dead skin cells and foster new cells.

Coenzyme Q10 – It is an effective enzyme, which helps to energize skin cell production and forms collagen, the cell material that gives texture and elasticity to the skin. CoQ10 also rejuvenates the skin damaged by UV rays.

Peptides – These compounds play a handy role in skin renewal and renovation, by stimulating collagen and giving your skin, a smooth and radiant finish.

Vitamins A, C, E and K – These vitamins are essential for a healthy and youthful skin as they contain various anti-oxidant properties.

Be Realistic– Again, anti-aging creams are not magic formulas or overnight recipes to appear younger. Don’t expect your fine lines or wrinkles to disappear in a flash. Rather, you will notice younger and fresher looking skin, which will improve your self confidence and make you feel happy. Be realistic when you purchase these products. Make sure you check your skin type to ascertain maximum results. Don’t panic and use these creams only when your skin shows the first signs of aging. Another important aspect to remember while purchasing anti-aging products is their price. The cost of the product does not determine its effectiveness. Pick the right product suited for your skin chemistry. You could use the site to see what works for your skin.

Prevention is better than cure – No doubt, anti-aging products work, but a few lifestyle changes go a long way in making  your skin youthful and radiant. Eat a nutritious diet rich in fruits and vegetables, drink plenteous amounts of water every day and exercise that beautiful body of yours. Apply a sun protective moisturizer before going outdoors. Try to relax and stay calm, as lack of rest and anxiety can have a damaging effect on your skin.

How do you choose your anti-aging products? Write in.

How Do Anti-aging Products Work?

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How Do Anti-aging Products Work?

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  1. peptides

    Peptides are known to be the most effective anti-aging ingredient.Peptides have been studied for more than 50 years, and are one of the most popular functional ingredients in skin care products. Peptides are short-chain proteins that naturally occur in the skin and act mainly as messengers (signalling peptides) or hormones.Products containing peptides are claimed to have smoothing and nourishing effects on the skin. Both the peptides and their degradation products are key players in fields of cosmetics and dermatology.

  2. Jane @ ZsaZsa Cream Reviews

    Hello! Thank you for your post! I completely agree that prevention of signs of aging would be the best solution, unfortunately, not always we think about that soon enough. I am just 29, and I already have some wrinkles, however, I have not started to use all those anti-aging products, but I guess that I already should do that!

  3. mySkin

    True! Its better to look after your skin with the right products, enough sleep, hydration, exercise, less of stress to delay aging.

  4. Alina Smith

    Anti-wrinkle cream and other anti-aging products are saturating the
    market nowadays and lots of people are patronizing them–men and women
    alike, young and old. Who doesn’t like to look younger and more
    beautiful, anyway? Even men now are conscious about the way they look
    and so many anti wrinkle cream advertisements nowadays aim at the men,
    too. They are usually marketed as part of grooming and skin care kits
    for men.

  5. Anonymous

    hello. anyone tried Gerovital H3 anti aging formula by Dr Ana Aslan??? I
    read a blog about this products and there are amazing…

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