How Is Tuna Salad Good For Your Skin?

What is the first thing people notice when they look at you? Its your skin! Our guest blogger Alice shares a skin-i-licious tuna salad recipe today- eat the right food to look awesome!

For this Tuna Salad Recipe you need:

1 can tuna packed in water

1 teaspoon safflower oil

½ teaspoon flax-seeds

1 small tomato sliced

1 cup lightly packed raw spinach leaves

Mix the tuna, safflower oil and flax-seeds. Add a light salad dressing to taste and serve over the spinach and tomato slices.

Why Is This A ‘Skin Good’ Recipe? Starting with tuna that is packed in water, you avoid excess oil. The tuna has selenium which helps your skin stay flexible, so it stays smooth-not loose and wrinkled. It combats the damage done by UV rays from the sun by stopping free radicals from prematurely aging the skin. The safflower oil has omega-6 fatty acids. Not only can safflower oil help your skin stay supple, it has a positive effect on acne, dermatitis and other skin problems especially those that include drying skin as a symptom. Flax-seeds are full of of omega-3 fatty acids which diminish spots and reduce fine lines by increasing the moisture content of skin.

Serving the tuna salad with sliced tomatoes adds lycopene to the diet. Lycopene is a phytochemical that combats free radical damage.  Spinach not only improves the skin, it protects it against tumors. The folate heals DNA which keeps the skin rejuvenated and healthy. This reduces the chances of developing skin cancers. Spinach also has iron which helps keep the skin from looking pale.

While you’re at it, add a few slices of fresh papaya and mango. These fruits, along with apricots, have carotenoids which are pigments that give the skin a beautiful glow. Carotenoids are found in the layer of fat right under your skin which is why they affect skin color. You could toss in a few slices of baked sweet potato to this salad too. The vitamin C found in sweet potatoes encourages collagen production which decreases wrinkles. Drizzling honey on this salad is a great idea!

Enjoy your Tuna Salad! One way to let your mirror become your best friend 🙂

Alice Jones works as an online instructor for The College City. She is also a chef and shares her recipes with friends and family.


Note:  All views expressed in this blog post are the personal opinions of the guest blogger. doesn’t favor any particular skincare brand or take advertising from any of them. Our scientific algorithm is entirely unbiased based on your skin profile.

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