How To Celebrate Women’s History Month


Here’s to the special ladies in our lives who taught us lifelong skin care lessons and secrets from generations past.  In an effort to celebrate mothers, girlfriends, beauty bloggers and others, share your words of wisdom with people in a Just Like Me TM community.  Get her and yourself to begin a skin assessment, solve new skin queries and review products from your current routine here at mySkin.

Most people buy skin care products for the wrong reasons. Your skin doesn’t care about what’s chic or in magazines.  Recommendations from a dermatologist pushing his/her own line of products or advertisements promoting the latest trend aren’t necessarily the best for you. And advice from a friendly sales clerk probably doesn’t consider important facts like skin type or family history.  They certainly don’t take into account factors such as hormone and stress levels, travel plans or even the weather.

What makes mySkin unique?

When you answer a series of questions about your skin and lifestyle, mySkin’s proprietary technology returns a highly customized combination of products at various price points that are right for you.  You can easily purchase these products, save the recommendations to purchase at a later date and even review the items you use now.


mySkin does not make, sell or promote any products. We do not feature advertising from skin care manufacturers.  Our mission is to stay neutral and independent as we provide you with information and tools to make better skin care decisions.

Scientifically Proven

mySkin takes product recommendations to a whole new level. Our advice is backed by facts, not guesses. We’ve developed highly sophisticated algorithms that analyze variables like genetics, lifestyle, health and the environment, to name a few, for deeper insight on how products work on different skin.

Research Proven

mySkin is a powerful technology platform with years of research behind it. Our team includes more than 50 physicians, PhDs and technologists who help build the complex algorithms and facilitate the recommendations. Plus, we’ve interviewed hundreds of people like you to understand your needs and problems.

Just Like Me TM (JLM TM) Engine

This feature sifts through 150,000+ products across all brands to generate unbiased recommendations best suited for your skin.  Then a community of users with the same product recommendations are joined together to share advice, ask questions and develop a trusted forum to discuss any skin care related topic.

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