How to Choose a Dermatologist?


Finding a dermatologist that works best for you and your skin concerns can be a daunting task. With some many factors to consider, we have a list of some great tips to consider when seeking one out.

First and foremost, ask yourself what are your present skincare needs. Having a clear idea of what skin problems or prevention concerns you have will help in finding the most suitable doctor for you.

Before venturing into the unknown, try asking your family physician first for any referrals.  He or she probably understands your skin concerns better than you do and may know of specialized practices and departments within clinics that may be overlooked in your initial search.

Once you have found a few potential candidates, its time to ask the following questions:

Do they have current certification in the state that they are practicing?  Each state requires different training and certification to be completed.  Ensure your doctor is licensed in the state they are practicing.

Are you able to get referrals from previous clients and patients to see if their concerns have been addressed both professionally and in a timely manner?  You can also do internet patient review searches to see how many patients have been satisfied with the care and work produced.

If you are concerned about any expired licenses, pending investigations or reported misconduct, you can contact your local or state medical board to have potential concerns addressed.

Have they published any articles?  Being both passionate and engaged in your field of study shows dedication and commitment, as well as expertise and deep knowledge.   Another good question is to know if they have served on any important medical boards.

Feel free to ask what other qualifications do they bring to the table?  Perhaps they specialize in specific skin concerns and cosmetic procedures they have not advertised.  The more you ask the more confident you will feel.

And don’t forget to check if your dermatologist will accept your health insurance and if certain procedures are covered. :)

mySkin is going to run a special feature to ask dermatologists and plastic surgeons about questions on your mind.  Not sure if oiliness should use a moisturizer? Looking to decide chemical peel or microdermabrasion? Reply to this post with your questions, and we’ll have them answered by the experts!