How To Easily Look Years Younger


We all want to look younger, right? It’s no secret – we’re all dying to be carded at the restaurant one more time. However, some people may be turning to their plastic surgeon for assistance , when you can easily shave years off your faces with a few small tips, and no doctor visits.

Here are four simple tips that will have your friends and loved ones gasping at how fantastic you look.

Think Figure-Flattering, Not Slimming: Sometimes black clothes are boring, no matter how much better you think you look in black. No matter your size, the right outfit can make you look stunning. Finding the best combination of shape, lines, colors, and textures can take pounds of your figure and brighten up your face. And, if you feel good in your clothes, everyone will know it.

Take Care of Your Face: Anti-aging facials do just as their name implies. By combining special enzymes, nutrients, and moisturizers, anti-aging facials help smooth out skin tone, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and make your skin glow like it did in your early 20s.

Catch Enough Zz’s: Multiple studies have shown there are many benefits to getting a lot of sleep. One of those benefits is that your skin will look refreshed and younger. More sleep will give your body longer to regenerate after the previous day, and allow for your entire body to relax more, so you wake up smiling and ready to tackle the day. Try to get just 30 more minutes more of sleep at night, and you’ll see a dramatic difference in your overall appearance. Call it a day around 10.30 pm every night.

Caffeine Rules: Caffeine has great rejuvenating powers that can be found outside of your daily cup of coffee. There are plenty of great face and body scrubs that include caffeine or even coffee grounds in them. Use these in the shower for an instant jolt of alertness. This will help improve the appearance of your skin, which will help shave years off your face.

No matter your age, looking years younger is easier than you think. Just focus on natural, healthy solutions and take care of yourself – your skin will shine and you’ll be carded on your next night out in no time.


Dana has recently discovered her love of all things beauty, fashion, health and running related. When she’s enjoying her regular salon visits for massages and facials, she is either knocking out a 12Ks or staring at her laptop and writing to her heart’s content. You can follow Dana on Twitter.


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