In 2013 Resolve To Take Care Of Your Skin Faithfully


Every year you make a New Year’s resolution: You are going to start that diet and stay with it until you lose your weight. You’re going to the gym every day. You’re never watching TV again. You’re cutting out all carbohydrates. You’re going to be nice to even the rudest people.

And every year, you break them within the first week because they’re so extreme and difficult to fit into your lifestyle!

This 2013 year, it’s time to make a practical, keep-able resolution: You are going to figure out what routine makes your skin looks its best, and stick to it. You wash your face and apply a couple of potions anyway – getting it really right and knowing what really works for your skin is not very difficult, especially with the help of the mySkin website and interacting with your SkinTwins. Now is the time to devote a little effort into diving into the site and our thousands of user reviews for every category of product.  No matter what your skin type, you can find information about how to improve it. I personally have the seemingly-conflicting concerns of acne and aging skin. Through mySkin, I’m finding moisturizers that won’t trigger breakouts and retinol-based products that increase cell turnover, and are thus beneficial for both conditions.

It’s not hard to resolve to use the proper facial cleanser for your skin concerns, the right toner if you even need one, the best moisturizer, serum, sunscreen. You are probably going through all or most of these steps already, but you may not be using the right products at the right time. If you are lucky enough to have found something that is effective, please do the mySkin community a huge favor and share that information through your profile and reviews. If, on the other hand, you realize that something in your regimen is problematic, please let us know about that as well. We are devoted to offering unbiased information about skincare products, and the only way we can do that is with your help.

On the site, you can connect with your SkinTwin(TM)-other people with skin similar to yours, having similar skin concerns and skin sensitivities. So, what works for them usually works for your skin too:) To connect with your SkinTwin it’s important that you complete your profile thoroughly.  The more information we have about you, the better our matching system ( scientific algorithms) will work. With your SkinTwin(TM), you can talk about your concerns, see what works for them and take quick decisions on what works for your skin without the age old trial n’ error method!

In this New Year, it’s better to give than receive, and that goes for skincare advice as well as gifts.