Is Being Married Good For Your Skin?



Now, this is treading on delicate ground, isn’t it? Much like the talk on “What’s better, being married, or, being single?” With the scales precariously swinging between both sides of the argument, skincare and skin health is a different matter altogether.

Scientific and research based evidence has shown that marriage can prove to be beneficial to your skin.


Consider the time when you were in a happy relationship. Do you remember that your skin positively glowed? On the other hand, remember the times when your friends attributed your naturally flushed cheeks to that someone special.

All you married women out there; do you remember how your skin simply looked your “married” best, even in your ‘just-out-of-the-bed’ avatar? In addition, do you recall your favorite aunt telling you that marriage becomes you?

The truth is that happiness and happy skin go hand-in-hand.

Research has found that in married couples, the “more stable” form of relationship, inner happiness and the satisfying, long-term love yields better health, and in turn, a healthier skin. Marriage is known to increase immunity; and better immunity is directly proportional to healthy skin. A happy person will naturally have a better ability to fight off illnesses, resulting in fewer trips to the doctors.  Research has also found that married people have fewer occurrences of depression, isolation, sadness, and most importantly, stress.

We all know that stress can cause havoc – right from physical manifestations like breakouts, pronounced fine lines and wrinkles and aging to disorders like food binging and substance abuse that can lead to unhealthy skin afflictions! Considering the fact that married couples are generally less stressed, have a higher sense of well-being, have a good emotional balance and of course a healthy sex life, married people find natural relief from stress and depression, leading to – good skin health!

However, marriage alone cannot work wonders for your skin. To reap the maximum skin health benefits of marriage, it has to be a happy one. Moreover, you have to work towards a happy marriage.

For all you married ladies out there, your skin glow can be attributed to a happy marriage and not only your correct CTM routine. On the other hand, all your single gals, observe some of your married friends. There might be more to marriage than you think!


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Oomph Your Skinhealth With Seed

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