Is High Blood Pressure Aging You Faster?

Good looks today are not only about your external beauty and your internal youthfulness.  With the wellness industry booming one cannot help but realize that beauty is, indeed, skin deep. But I was in for a shocker when I found that high blood pressure, a disease so seemingly far removed from skin aging, can actually be a big contributor to those budding lines on your face!

We all know that high blood pressure is linked with many diseases. Hypertension, coronary diseases, heart damage, and strokes  are just some of the risks associated with high blood pressure. But here are some of the reasons why even a slightly elevated blood pressure is causing you to age faster.

Artery damage: A high blood pressure leads to thickening of the arteries making them stiff and allowing fats from your diet to enter your bloodstream. Fats then impair blood flow to the heart and other essential organs, including the largest one – your skin. Since the skin doesn’t get its required dose of oxygen and blood supply it automatically starts aging faster.

Sleep deficiency – High blood pressure also leads to troubled sleeping, a disorder called Obstructive Sleep Apnea.  We all know how important catching the required amount of Z’s are when we want healthy and youthful skin, don’t we?

Increased stress – High blood pressure increases your stress levels. Stress is one of the major contributors to skin aging as high stress levels lead to skin inflammation, circulates high levels of cortisol which leads to skin thinning and premature aging.

Higher triglyceride levels – If your blood pressure is on the higher side then you might want to check your triglyceride levels as well. Triglycerides are lipids found in your blood which actually are unused reserve calories. When we need energy between meals hormones release triglycerides. High triglyceride levels can lead to fat deposits under the skin and cause your skin to look old.

Increased blood sugar levels– High blood pressure also puts you at a risk of type 2 diabetes. Diabetes causes the blood sugar levels in your body to surge. Excess blood sugar tends to react with proteins causing them to stick together thus causing damage to them and leading to age spots, loss of skin elasticity and premature skin aging.

Keep your blood pressure numbers in check and make sure that your blood pressure doesn’t go above 130/80 to maintaining your wellness and skin health. Eat well, keep stress under control, exercise…and get your blood pressure to work for you.  Stay healthy and skin happy!


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  1. Stacy Scott

    I can see people who has hypertension seems to look older maybe because they are problematic and prone to attacks. Lack of sleep or insomnia adds up the problem and it is one major cause of health problem. health condition

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