Is Overuse Of Beauty Products Making Your Skin Sensitive?

We have beauty products that cleanse, tone, moisturize, protect, multi-task, make us look and feel good and also promise us eternal youth! In our quest to looking beauty-li-cious we reach out to beauty products- for fun, for trying out something new, to see if it works or just because Kerry Washington looks great using it.

Is it really a good idea to use many products at a time? If oily skin troubles you, is it a good idea to cleanse, cleanse and cleanse more? In your effort to remove dead skin, are you actually causing harm to it?

Do you cleanse, cleanse and cleanse more? Cleansing the effects of the sun and wind on your skin is not an easy job. The environment keeps slapping layers of dust and pollutants daily. Pollutants clog pores and don’t allow skin to breath. It’s time to cleanse! But, have you heard of over cleansing upsetting your natural skin balance. The skin becomes sensitive and dry as you strip layers off by cleansing too often with chemical laden, harsh products and foaming cleansers that contain surfactants. Yes! There is a limit to how much cleansing and rubbing your face can take. Cleansing is necessary- use your cleanser twice a day, AM and PM. Before bedtime, cleanse all that makeup, grime, sweat, dirt away. Use products that are gentle, skin friendly and not laden with chemicals.

What’s in your makeup? There’s an alarming amount of toxic chemicals in cosmetics. Application of these doesn’t help your skin. An airline friend of mine complained the other day of an eye infection she had a while back. On consulting her dermatologist, she was told that it was a skin allergy which gave her super itchy skin around the eyes. She was asked to stop wearing the brand of eye shadow she’d been using daily for the last 6 months. Continuous use of products containing harsh chemicals makes one’s skin sensitive, irritable and prone to allergies. Few examples of toxic ingredients are formaldehyde, a well known carcinogen that is used in nail color; neurotoxins found in fragrances and lead in lipstick. A thumb rule to follow is- pick up beauty products that contain less than 10 or 11 ingredients-fewer the ingredients lesser the possibility of you being exposed to skin sensitization.

Zealous exfoliation: Your skin is not laundry that you need to scrub it, rub it, and exfoliate it every other day; we even do laundry on weekends! Zealously scrubbing can strip off more than the layer of dead skin you wish to remove. Avoid overuse of harsh exfoliants as they’ll reduce the natural luster of your skin. Lactic acid exfoliants are better than glycolic ones as they don’t rob the natural moisture from your skin. Usually exfoliating once every 8 days is good.

Stop abusing your skin. Overuse of chemical laden skin products causes skin to age. Use fewer products and use them less often. Listen to your skin- it will give you the signals.

Cheers to healthy skin:)

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