Is Your Skin Angry At You?

Angry skin

Dear Friend,

Are you breaking out more often? Has your face lost its radiance lately? Have you even noticed the uneven skin tone?

How long are you going to sweep that dust under the carpet? Did you ever think that you might be mistreating me! It is time for you to clean up your act. After all, I am the biggest organ of your body – your skin! Stop sabotaging me by committing these skincare sins!

You take me for granted when you take your basic skincare regime lightly!

How would you feel if your best friend ignored you? Sad? Angry? Taken for granted? So how do you think I feel when you carelessly skip your skincare routine?

There might be days when you skip a step. Maybe you’re too tired, too busy, or even simply not in the mood! However, short cutting on cleansing, toning and moisturizing often, is going to affect me – your skin – badly. Forgetting to exfoliate is an absolute no-no too! Not cleaning up before you hit the sack isn’t going to help either. The dirt-grime-makeup concoction is a sure way to make me angry and I will break out!

You forgot Sun Protection, and I was burnt!

Its scorching hot. You missed sunscreen! See how badly I was burnt. I’m sun damaged!

Not using sunscreen just isn’t an option! Skip it and I will have more wrinkles and fine lines. Make sure that you do not miss vital areas of your face like the hairline, jawline, ears, and back of the neck.

Do not ignore other parts of your body either. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF 30 or higher body lotion. Use it before stepping out, use it after you get indoors, and reapply at least every 3 to 4 hours. The sun is not kind to me. You should be – I’m yours after all!

I pay the price for your recklessness!

When it comes to using makeup and beauty products, you tend to commit rather alarming follies! Sharing makeup is first on the list. Share your makeup, and you are sure to share the infections as well.

Secondly, choose your beauty products wisely. Just because it’s new on the shelf, doesn’t mean it suits me. Get the right knowledge about your skin-type and opt for products specifically made for me. Also, ditch those out-of-date products. They harm me more than you think. I am better off without products, than with allergies caused by some of the old stuff you’re still using.

Your bad habits are hurting me!

Occasional indulgences are all right. However, regular smoking and too much alcohol seriously wear me out. Cigarettes will puff out the radiance, result in deeper wrinkles, and make me blotchier. Alcohol and other dehydrating beverages like coffee result in inflammation and dull skin tone.

Popping your pimples, unhealthy sugary, fried, salty, and refined junk food is as bad for me as they are for the rest of you! Kick these habits off as they’re punching the life out of me!

I’m crying out loud and you’re ignoring me!

You are blasé about skincare. You turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the important changes in me. Aging, seasonal changes like dryness or oily skin, breakouts are all signs that you are not on the right skincare track.  Guess what! that new product stung and you ignored the redness. Winter changed to summer and you’re still caking me up with oily moisturizer. Listen to what I’m telling you.

Be sensitive to my needs! If you are not going to take care of me, I’m going to breakout, become dull, get wrinkly and act up. Show me love and I’ll love you back.


Your Skin!


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Are You Listening To Your Skin? Do You Know Her Needs? Do You Care?

Are You Listening To Your Skin? Do You Know Her Needs? Do You Care?

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