Katy Perry Does What To Her Skin?


Katy Perry –the quintessential girl next door, the powerhouse of talent, the diva or the tabloid dream…you just can’t bear getting envious of her! Be it her tumultuous 14 month marriage or her chart busting hits, this singer definitely knows how to make heads turn! We think she’s so lucky to have such beautiful, fresh glowing skin. But did you know that much like us mortals, this singing diva also has her share of skin care woes. So how does Katy Perry manage to look as good as she does? Here’s a peek into the life of young Ms. Perry and her beautiful skin.

Battle off acne! Katy Perry’s teenage was quite riddled with acne- a problem she still sometimes faces. So having a stringent skin care routine for her was a no brainer. Since she ‘loves good paint’ (most of which was also used to cover up her acne scars) she always makes sure that she washes it off before bed time. She has a regular cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine to make sure she stays acne free. Her favorite make up remover is Shu Uemura, a light oil based remover that you simply rub on your face and towel off. According to Perry, this just ‘lifts off’ all the war paint. She also swears by the Proactive range. The renewing cleanser, revitalizing toner and repairing treatment have done wonders for her break out prone skin.

Say no to the sun- No, we don’t mean literally. But what Katy Perry NEVER does is tan! Sun protection to her is sacrosanct. Staying away from the harsh rays of the sun keeps her skin younger looking, wrinkle and age spot free. Plus she always, always wears a broad spectrum sunscreen.

Lip-licious- Just like her face, Ms. Perry is very religious about taking care of her pout. A nightly sea salt scrub before bed followed by good old cocoa butter lip balm is her PM ritual. Ha! Didn’t think it would get as simple as this, did you?

Body beautiful- What does Katy Perry do to have such yummy, touchable skin? It’s a product that she has been using since high school – Palmers Cocoa Butter Body Lotion. She slaps on the lotion after her bath daily and ‘cannot leave home without it.


Face off- Katy Perry unlike most celebrities is not a big fan of chemical peels and other such facial treatments. She uses a simple sea salt face scrub and makes her own face pack at home. She uses natural ingredients to battle off her skin problems. Her favorite face mask is a mix of egg whites and a little almond oil.  She applies this to her face and washes it off after 15 minutes. It is great to keep your skin looking radiant, firm and wrinkle free.

Pop that pill- Ms Perry also focuses on beautifying herself from within. She loads up on her vitamins three times a day! Supposedly she has almost 20 vitamin pills a day loading up on her Vitamin C’s and Omega 3’s. She is also a big fan of exercising and having a balanced, nutrient rich diet so that she not only manages to stay in shape but also keeps her energy levels up.

What are your thoughts on Katy’s skincare routine? Write in and let us know.


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Curious To Know Your Skin Health!

Curious To Know Your Skin Health!

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Simple: Healthy Skin In 5 Easy Steps

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