Kick These 7 Bad Habits That Are Ruining Your Skin

7 bad skin habits

Your skin is indeed the most hard-working part of your body; it works to protect you from the attack of microbes and it keeps out dirt and dust from causing infections. But, what happens when you do not take adequate care of your skin? Just like any other part of the body, the skin should be treated with love and care. It is not enough to apply cosmetic preparations that claim to improve your skin or treat your skin’s problems; most of the time, the claims fall flat. Also, makeup cannot hide everything; there are limitations of using makeup to hide every flaw on your face. There are some bad habits that damage skin and we do most of them without really knowing how harmful they are for our skin.

Read on to find the seven bad habits that are contributing to damaged skin.

1. Picking at pimples. This is a very common bad habit we possess; it is very difficult for us to resist picking at our pimples. Every time we look into the mirror and notice a pimple, we pop it open immediately. This practice is quite harmful since the act of popping open a pimple releases the pus and germs onto the neighboring area of skin. Thus, the infection gets spread widely. Also, this practice pushes the bacteria, dirt, and grime deeper into the pores of the skin. This leads to even further breakouts. Very soon we have an epidemic on our hands – one we could have avoided by keeping our hands to ourselves!

2. Applying hairspray every day. Many of us apply hairspray regularly to keep our tresses looking set and manageable. But, almost all of us forget to protect our faces while applying the spray on our hair. You may feel that it is not of great consequence since you do not feel the presence of residue on your face. However, you will see the effects of the buildup of hair spray on your face after a few days of regular use. In order to protect your skin from its harmful effects, cover your face with a clean towel and ensure that the hair spray does not settle on your skin.

3. Wearing glasses. If you have bad eyesight, you do not have much choice but to wear eyeglasses all the time. However, did you know that eyeglasses are a haven for all sorts of bacteria? Some of these are capable of causing acne and infections of the skin! A remedy for this problem is to regularly wipe your eyeglasses clean with an alcohol-based cleaning solution. This will reduce the load of germs on your glasses and you will be free of the pesky skin infections.

4. Drinking coffee daily. The daily morning coffee routine is something every office-goer is familiar with. But, did you know that more often than not, it is contributing to bad skin? Coffee may leave you feeling alert and alive, but it is also stripping your skin of water. Coffee contains caffeine that causes dehydration. This makes our skin look dull and wrinkled. In order to avoid this, we should switch to plain, old water!

5. Using your cell phone frequently. We may not realize it, but our cell phone is a very dirty object, owing to the number of surfaces it has touched the back of your jeans, the bag, the tables or chairs where you sit. Bacteria and other germs get transferred to the cell phone when we keep them on these surfaces. Then, when we answer the phone, they get transferred to our skin. This causes infection and pimples. It is a good idea to keep a pack of antibacterial wipes handy in order to wipe the phone clean at regular intervals.

6. Taking hot showers. Long, hot showers can be very soothing for the body and help relieve tiredness. But, such showers are very damaging for the skin as well. The hot water pulls out moisture from the skin, leaving it dry and prone to damage. You should take a shower in lukewarm water and install filtering shower heads to protect your skin.

7. Exposure to chlorine. After a swim in the pool, your skin tends to feel uncomfortable due to the deposit of chlorine on it. Even after taking a shower, chlorine deposits do not wash off and can react with cleansers and moisturizers. In order to completely remove chlorine, you should take a shower using a body wash with extra lather. This will ensure that your skin is squeaky clean!

Happy skin= happy you 🙂


Today’s guest blogger, Joecy Parker is an online consultant for Dermatend – Wart Remover. Joecy likes to blog about health, beauty and skin care.In her free time she researches on skin care and home remedies. She enjoys traveling and spending time with her family. You can also follow her on Twitter @joecyparker.


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