Laser Hair Removal: Benefits & Drawbacks


While at the beginning, many remained skeptical, women –and also men- are choosing this hair removal method more and more as time goes by. A system that gets rid of the undesired hair once and for all sounds like a dream come true for everyone. Just imagine never having to deprive yourself from wearing shorts, a skirt, or a tank shirt because unwanted hair will be exposed. However, it’s not all a bed of roses: before making the decision to use this method, a pros and cons evaluation should be made by each different person, as results may vary. Here is some information you may find useful.

No hair whatsoever? Well, the thought that with this system you’ll never have to shave or wax again is actually a myth. The fact is that laser can reduce hair counts 40% to 80%, which will make a big difference, but it’s not like you can say goodbye to your razor, wax, hair removal gadget or whatever you have used up until then. Still, hair will be less noticeable and require less waxing or shaving, a great advantage for most of us.

Burns can occur This is not very common, yet, it may happen especially if you’re being treated by someone inexperienced. Make sure that you go to a well-known institute and you consult with an experienced professional, in this case being picky is a must. Sensitive areas are especially prone to suffering burns, scarring and blisters.

Being Constant To achieve better results, you need to remain constant in time. Only one session will not do the trick, about 8 are recommended . The bright side is that these treatments aren’t extremely time consuming. Large areas, like legs, can be treated all at once, unlike electrolysis, which requires each follicle to be treated individually. Sessions last about an hour.

The Price These treatments are not precisely cheap. However, if hair is a real bother to you and you are a good candidate for them, you will certainly be making a great investment. You will never have to worry the same way you used to about unwanted hair. Consult prices in different reliable medical beauty centers to make an informed decision, as they may vary.

Am I eligible for it? Laser targets darkness, so people with light skin and dark hair are better candidate for laser treatments. However, certain lasers can give results to those with dark skin-dark hair, and light skin-light hair, but an improvement in this type of technology is expected in the near future. It is better if you seek advice from more than one professional to find out whether this method will work out for you.


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