Latest Trends In Acne Treatment

In searching for the latest trends in acne treatment, the blue light therapy is considered a breakthrough discovery and is on top of the list for being the most effective treatment. Vitamin B5 therapy is trending too besides prescription Accutane.

What is the blue light therapy ? This therapy kills the acne-causing bacteria Propionibacterium acne (P. acnes), which is usually found in the most common form of acne, acne vulgaris. It  does work on other various other forms of acne that carry this bacterium. This therapy works by reaching the center of the acne eruptions killing out the bacterium. Studies have found that once the prophyrin (acne inflammation pumping out very small molecules) is exposed to certain wavelengths of the blue light, they in turn emit free radicals that kill the bacteria. Another plus for this therapy is that it is non-invasive and requires no drugs. The treatment process is given in increments of eight appointments over a four-week period of time. Each treatment will last around 15 minutes. The blue light therapy does not contain ultraviolet (UV) light and is FDA approved. Side effects are minimal and include temporary pigment changes, dryness and swelling of the treated areas. The blue light therapy is more effective on inflammatory acne lesions and does not respond well to nodulocystic acne. For acne patients who have had minimal improvement with other therapies, the blue light therapy is an excellent choice.

How does Vitamin B5 work against Acne? It has been used extensively for years to treat acne, but since B5 cannot be patented, little has been said about it. In the past, patients would have to take 10-20 pills per day, which made it harder to gain acceptance in the treatment of acne. There are now formulas of B5 which require only 1 pill per day. Today, vitamin B5 is gaining popularity and being prescribed by some physicians in the treatment of acne. Since this is an all natural approach to the acne problem, it is definitely worth a try before moving into the more dangerous side effects that Accutane carries.

Accutane against Acne: For patients that are so severe or of a nature that the above treatments do not work, the prescription Accutane is an effective means of quelling the years of acne problems. This drug should not be self administered and must be taken under the supervision of your dermatologist or physician. Before Accutane treatment begins, understand the side effects of this drug.

Talk to your dermatologist before deciding on what treatment would work best for you!


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Latest Trends In Acne Treatment

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  2. Paul Spano

    Blue light therapy is really very effective in acne
    treatment. The use of blue light in acne treatments is actually quite
    straightforward. Blue light therapy is still a popular way to treat acne.
    Acne Treatment

  3. Andrew

    This is amazing! I have yet to try the bluelight therapy, but I will! I’m dying to experience this. My clients are always asking for acne solutions and a lot of them have asked me about this. Thanks for sharing!

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