Make Up Essentials For Hispanics

Pretty dress – check! Sexy shoes – check! Matching accessories – check! Makeup- confused…this is one area I falter on like many other Hispanic and Latino women. Here is what to ‘hit’ and ‘miss’ from the makeup scene for us to look ravishing and confident:

Foundation: It’s all about looking natural, bellas. Too much will make you look like a wax doll. Hispanic women have beautiful caramel colored skin and it becomes essential to choose the right foundation to highlight this skin feature. Choose a foundation that makes your skin look healthy and smooth and not like you are wearing a mask. One big mistake is trying to choose a foundation by testing it on the back of their hand. To buy the perfect foundation dab a bit of the product in a line just above your jaw line and blend. If the foundation disappears into your skin seamlessly then that is the color for you.  Look for foundations from brands that specifically cater to the Hispanic market and you will have a lot more to choose from than the cursory ‘Ivory’, ‘Beige or Tan’ and ‘Natural or Neutral’ colors. You also need to choose your foundation according to your skin type. Most of us have oily skin. A matte or powder finish foundation works best.

Concealer: A concealer is your best friend. Apply it before you pat on your foundation to get a step closer to flawless perfection. Take a look at the consistency and color of the concealer. Orange based tones are best for brown skin while yellow tones are perfect for olive skin. While your foundation should be the ‘exact’ color of your skin, your concealer should be a little lighter. Don’t go too light though, you might end up looking chalky!

Blushers and bronzers: Blushes can really enhance your features when chosen correctly. For brown and olive tones blushes in shades of peaches, apricots, tans and even bronze work beautifully. Try to avoid rosy pinks as that will take away rather than add beauty to your facial canvas. You don’t want to look like a child who went over your cheeks with her wax crayons, do you? Stick to these color tones and mix and match for a dramatic look. Choose a highlighting powder over a bronzer. Bronze colored highlighting powders work best for darker skin. Apply on areas which catch light such as the forehead, nose, cheekbones and chin. Use a large soft brush to dust on for that added sparkle!

Eye shadow: You can choose just about any color of eye shadow for your skin tone except for pinks as they look artificial on rich colored skin. Greens, purples, blues, browns, gold and other darker shadows make your eyes pop and stand out. Just sweep in mascara and eye liner and your eye makeup is complete. Define your brows using an eye pencil matching your natural hair color for the perfect finish.

Lip color: Dearies! Pay attention to your lip color. Reds and browns go well on skin with a yellow cast while roses, plums and mauves are good for darker skin. Stay away from lip pencils if you have very full lips. Skip using cooler colors such as pale pink or pale coral. Warm colors complement rich caramel colored skin the best.

With your make up in place it is time to put your best foot forward! Happy Hispanic Heritage Month:)

Have I missed out on any more tips? Write in and let this bella know:)

Make Up Essentials For Hispanics

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Make Up Essentials For Hispanics

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