Making A Difference- 3 Beauty Companies Working Towards A Cleaner Tomorrow

making a difference

We strive to look good. We work arduously towards a blemish free, spot free face by using products that are in rage, in vogue or in the buzz! When news is out, we discontinue using products for their cancer causing and harmful chemicals. We enjoy Nature’s bountiful produce in our creams and potions. But while we, the greatest race on Mother Earth ‘take’ from her bosom, do we ‘give’ back anything to her to keep her healthy, prosperous and fruitful for the future generations to come?

While it is our responsibility as consumers to stop the use of environmentally harmful products, it is also the responsibility of cosmetic and skincare companies that produce these products to do their bit for the environment! Here are three beauty giants who have set an example for the others to follow-

Aveda Aveda’s mission is to “care for the world we live in.” Keeping this in mind, the beauty company has successfully implemented a number of initiatives for environmental sustainability. Right from the 1980’s this environment conscious beauty giant has been involved in caring for Mother Nature.

They have collaborated with a number of nonprofit organizations who work for social and environmental improvement. At the same time, they rely on renewable wind energy to reduce their carbon footprint. They also use 100% recyclable plastic for containers of most of their products and they are the first beauty company to use packaging made out of plastics derived from plants.

Boots- Plastic microbeads found in exfoliating scrubs and creams are affecting fish, and other marine creatures after being washed down drains, posing a serious hazard as they can accumulate cancer-causing PCB’s on their surface, affecting flora and fauna. Around 13 companies (skin care and cosmetic) that use microbeads made from polyethylene and other plastics in their products like exfoliating washes and creams have pledged to stop using these microbeads.

Boots has already stopped using micro beads in products since February 2014. They have also started to phase out old production stock from stores and plan to have all such products out by December 2015. Great going!

The Body ShopThe Body Shop is an exemplary beauty company that has since it’s conception strived to give back to the environment. The company is staunchly against animal testing, and they are the forerunners in establishing fair trade for most of the ingredients derived from different parts of the world. Protecting the planet is one of the most important initiative they are involved in.  Reducing CO2 emissions, reducing electricity consumption, reducing waste and reducing domestic water consumption are some areas where their efforts are already showing improvements.

Beauty comes at a heavy price, and Mother Nature is paying for it! These beauty giants have already made a choice to make the change. Have you?


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