Massage Therapy for Radiant Skin


Before you read the rest of this article, I urge you to take a few seconds, and gently pinch your ear lobes; now, move up your ears, pressing gently but firmly with your finger tips against the tender skin, all the way up to the top of the ears. Linger for a few seconds at the top while gently kneading. How do you feel? If you’re like most people, you may have felt a surge of pleasure shoot through your body in reaction to this gentle massage of your ears.

Our skin is sensitive to touch. Touch is healing, touch is nourishing, and most of all, touch is essential for human beings as a species. Massage is a way of touching the skin with the aim of causing multiple sensations of pleasure, happiness and peace. The good effects of massages have been known for centuries, and many of us are no strangers to it. But in the rat-race of life, seldom do we take the time to touch and pamper the largest organ of our body.

So why should a massage be a part of your regular body care routine? First of all, a regular massage gives the skin a natural softness and healthy glow. Besides this primary and externally visible benefit, a massage has many other benefits.

We never really think about it in this way, but the skin is really our bridge to the outside world. There are many blood vessels and nerves attached to the skin that connect the external environment outside the body to our inner organs. Massaging the skin wakes up all these tiny connectors under the skin, improves blood circulation and stimulates nerve endings for an overall sense of well being.

The skin also regulates critical body functions including water and temperature control, absorption, secretion and excretion. Hence, massages have a direct effect on influencing these bodily functions. Massaging also reduces free radical activity, which is supposedly a key factor in cellular aging, cancer and heart disease.  A massage also releases tension in tight muscles and de-stresses the body. Massaging the scalp nourishes the hair follicles and keeps the roots of hair strong.

Remember that a happy, healthy body = glowing skin. If you don’t have the time or means to treat yourself to a regular massage at a spa, all is not lost. It’s easy enough to give yourself a massage with olive oil or another body oil of your choice before you jump into the shower. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Just a simple, purposeful rub down with oil will invigorate your skin cells and tired limbs. Your skin will thank you for years to come!

  • Amy

    Wow! Great read. I’m a regular follower of your blog – the well massaged happy, healthy body= glowing skin, Agree. Thanks for this post.
    P.s.- What type of massage do I follow to reduce dark circles?